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Batel Lu Bitton, Third Child Of Jenna Jameson

Batel Lu Bitton is the third child of the famous Jenna Jameson and her fiance ‘Lior Bitton.’ After having two children, they welcomed their third child into the world with equal excitement, love, and care. The parents and the media fraternity, and paparazzi cameras were equally excited for the new baby of Lior Bitton and Jenna Jameson.

Like many other celebrity children, Batel Lu Bitton has been loved and cared for by the paparazzi and the media fraternity because of being in a celebrity household. This is the story of every famous child; they get fame served to them on a gold plater.

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Personal Life

Batel Lu Bitton was born to Jenna Jameson and his then-fiance Lior Bitton on 6th April of the year 2017. Her mother made her birth announcement on Instagram, Jenna Jameson, on 7th April 2017.

As of right now, Batel Lu Bitton is precisely 5 years old after celebrating his 5th birthday on 6th April 2022. Batel Lu Bitton is the first child born from Lior Bitton, while the other 2 kids Jenna Jameson have been from her previous relationship.

Other than Batel Lu Biton, this means that Jenna has 2 more children named Jesse Jameson and Journey Lette. Batel Lu Bitton enjoys major fame because of the social media presence she has been given from the moment she was brought into the world.

After her mother, Jenna, her father, Lior Bitton, also officially announced the birth of her daughter. After this, the social media paparazzi and fan pages of Jenna and Lior are constantly looking for any picture or news about Batel Lu Bitton they can find and report.


Being a 5-year-old baby, Batel Lu Bitton has no media or social media presence of her own. All that we and the rest of the Jenna and Lior fans know about the baby is because of her famous parents.

While Jenna Jameson, whose official name is Jenna Marie Massoli, is a businesswoman and former film actress in the pornographic industry. She has also served as an entrepreneur, American model, and a well-known public figure and American television personality. She has gained fame from various sources throughout her career and now continues to work and maintain a television and social media presence.

On the other hand, Batel Lu Bitton’s father, Lior Bitton, is an Israeli businessman who has worked his way up in the American and Israeli business industries. After being in a relationship with Jenna Jameson, he became a well-known public figure in America as well.

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