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Alexander Benton Gradow, Son Of George Gradow and Barbi Benton

Alexander Benton Gradow is a celebrity child of the popular ‘Geoge Gradow’ and ‘Barbi Benton.’ He came into the limelight because of the fame his parents enjoyed and earned for themselves in the American acting and media industry.

Like many other celebrity children, fame is handed and served to them on a golden platter even before they can comprehend or understand or even enjoy any of it. This is the case with Alexander Benton Gradow as well.

While fame is not much of a big deal for Alexander Benton Gradow, it sure is for many other ordinary public kids like you and me.

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Personal Life

Alexander Benton Gradow was born to George Gradow and Barbi Benton back in the year 1986. As of right now, he is not a child anymore but a 35 years old full-grown adult.

After growing up and forming a separate life from his parents, the life of Alexander Gradow has become very private and away from the media fraternity’s reach. This is because Alexander didn’t want to opt for a career in the American media fraternity and wanted to keep his life private and live it like any other typical kid or adult.

He is not even very social on his Instagram, Facebook or any other social media site that the media industry can reach. All we know about Alexander Gradow is what we got to know from his parents.

He was born in the year 1986, so right now, he is a 35 years old adult who has kept his life private and hidden from everyone else. Only the closest family members and friends know of his whereabouts and career choices.


Alexander Benton Gradow enjoys the love and care from parents, ‘Barbi Benton and ‘George Gradow,’ and another sibling, ‘Ariana Gradow.’

All four of them share a family bond like many of us. For all of you who don’t know who Barbi Benton or George Gradow is, George has been known in America’s real estate development industry as a prominent and massive name in the past. In comparison, Barbi Benton is a former American model known and loved by many in the media industry in America.

All of the family members, including George, Alexander, as well as Ariana, enjoy the fame and name across the world because of the fame of Barbi Benton. She was not only an American model but also an actress, singer, songwriter, and well-known television personality.

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