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Facts About Hala Al Shalaqani, Wife Of Adel Emam

The beautiful Hala Al Shalaqani is the spouse of the famous Egyptian actor and comedian Adel Emam. Adel has acted in approximately 20 plays and over 103 movies. His wife Hala has gained popularity by standing by him through his ups and downs. Adel has starred in many political, social and romantic shows but has particularly made a name for himself in the world of comedy. His net worth as of 2017 was $100 million.


Adel and Hala have two sons and a daughter. Muhammed, their first son, came into the world on April 8th, 1984, followed by Rami and Sarah Emam.

Son Muhammed Imam is married to Nuraan Talaat and has made Hala and Adel proud grandparents to Khadija Imam and Kismat Imam. They also have another grandchild through their second child Rami Imam called Ezzidine Imam.

The couple share a romantic love story and have been each other’s only spouse. They live in Egypt which is the native country of both.

Hala al Shalaqani had a brother, Mustafa Metwalli, who died in 2000. He was also an Egyptian comedian and drama performer.

Celebrity Husband

Hala Al Shalaqani’s celebrity husband Adel Imam  was born on 17 May 1940, in El Mansoura, Egypt. He graduated from Cairo University with a bachelor’s degree in agriculture. He began his acting career in the early 1960 While still in college, when he involved himself in theater productions. He also join a television troupe around the same time and landed roles in television plays of the Al Hakin Theater, such as “Al Nassabin” (“The Swindlers”) and “Ana wa Howa wa Heya” (“He, She and I”). He continued acting with many famous plays and notable films like “Al-Erhabi” (“The Terrorist”), “El Erhab Wal Kabab” (“Terrorism and Kebab”), and “Emaret Yaqubian” (“The Yacoubian Building”).

Most of his films subjected around fighting extremism and fanaticism and advocating minority rights. This made him an important lovable figure to the common man and became a model of human rights and tolerance in Egypt as well as other Arabic countries. He established himself well in the Egyptian film industry and became a force to reckon with films like “Ahlam Al fata Al ta2r” (“Dreams Of The Fugitive Boy”) and “Ihna Bitua’ al-Autobis” (We’re from the Bus). All this greatly contributed to his wealth.

The actor is a devoted philanthropist, and serves as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR.

Hala’s Support for Adel

Beyond her beauty and poise, Hala is admired for her support to her husband, whether it was at his 80th birthday party or during his trial in court.  Adel Imam was sentenced to jail for playing conflicting roles that went against Islam. Adel appealed the sentence and won the case, clearing his name from defamation charges against Islam.


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