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Do you love stories or myths about a specific person, religion, or belief? Are you a mythology lover? You liked watching the show 300 or Lucifer season 6 on Netflix?Are you searching for some amazing Netflix shows that are based on mythology? Then hey stop!

This is the right page for you! There are many shows that you can watch on Netflix and to make it easy for you we have listed down the top 5 Netflix shows that you can binge-watch if you love myths. 


  • Roman Empire

Do you know that the Rome empire was one of the greatest empires in our history? This is an original Netflix show which is a perfect blend of documentary techniques and storytelling. In this show, you will get to know how the emperor’s rule was the beginning of Rome’s fall. 

  • The Witcher

In this show, you will see how the Witcher Geralt (who is a mutated monster hunter!) finds a place in a world where people are eviler than the beasts. This show is a gem for mythology lovers! Moreover, this show is based on Andrezj Sapkowski novels.

  • Clash of Titans

Do you know titans were earlier worshipped because it was a part of the Greek religion? The storyline revolves around Perseus (demigod) and the battles he fights against the minions of the underworld who want to rule on heaven as well as the earth. Doesn’t that sound exciting? One of the hidden gem shows on Netflix which is full of mythology!

  • Myths and Monsters

This is a very interesting and engaging documentary that will take you to the mythic landscape of Europe to explore some of the famous stories of the European region. After watching it you will learn and have a basic idea about the various legends and myths. Not only this, the documentary is perfectly balanced in terms of professionalism and enthusiasm.

  • Vikings

 The shows portray the life of Viking people ( those people who belong from Scandinavia). It is a story that shows the lives of two brothers who don’t know that they are related to each other and their father Rangar is a farmer and a raider.

  • Blood of zeus

This is an animated show which shows the Greek mythology including the gods, giants etc. The story portrays a boy, Heron, who is the son of Zeus and tries to save the world and olympus. 


There are many other mythological shows like Lucifer season 6, Mohenjo-Daro, etc., which can also be watched. In today’s era, not many people like watching these mythological movies but these are the real hidden gems. 

The mythological shows or movies not only make you aware of the Greek knowledge but also the religion and their culture. Learning about something new is not bad! So, what are you waiting for? Grab your phone or laptop and watch these amazing top 5 Netflix mythological shows.

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