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Tera Patrick Net Worth, How Much Is Tera Patrick Worth

When it comes to business and fame, there are actors like Jenna Jameson, Sunny Leone, Mia Khalifa, Sasha Grey, and others who are very popular. One another popular name on this list is Tera Patrick. Even though most will recognize her as an adult movie star, there is more to her. 

Besides making every porn lover spilling their white fluid with her sexual acts, Terra has been a nude glamour model from America, and the person who searches for job opportunities for the budding talent from varied fields. Apart from it, this former adult star is also an author as well as a successful businesswoman. Terra has marked her name in the Hall of Fame list of numerous porn film institutions and studios. 

Long ago in the millennium decade, she earned the title of Penthouse Pet for the month. Watching a porn movie with one’s close friends might appear to be the best pastime activity, but it is not just fun but a business and career for many adult stars. Other than any famous Hollywood actress, pornstars get fame with their portrayal of extreme nudity and erotic acts. Terra Patrick is one such example. 

If you enjoy watching porn films, then you might have watched some pornographic videos of her. Watching her erotic movements must have let you quench your lustful desire from the erected carnal organ at the time when your close ones are not around you. Well, like any other celebrity, she has earned a big name in the porn industry. So let us know about her early life, career, her earnings, and other aspects in this article. 

Personal Details 

Full Name:Linda Ann Hopkins
Stage Name:Tera Patrick
Birthday:25th July 1976
Place Of Origin:Great Falls, Montana, U.S
Age:44 years old
Height:1.75 m
Weight:55 kg
Sexual orientation: Not Known
Spouse:Evan Seinfeild & Tony Acosta
Profession:Pornographic film actor, Nude Glamour Model, Actor
Total Net Worth:$10 million

How Much Is Tera Patrick Worth

Early Life

Tera was born Linda Hopkins in Montana on 25th July 1976. Her upbringing was done by her mother who belongs to Thailand and her father who is from Europe. At a very minor age of 10, she lost touch with her mother who left the family to live her own life. After her departure, Tera was raised by her hippie father. She later became a model after her weekend classes. 

Tera never had any qualms about her looks, she loved herself the way she is. There was an incident when during her modeling photoshoot, a photographer made her victim by sexually assaulting her. He fed her champagne, and another drug, until she was ruined by him. Later on, Terra got much used to consuming alcohol and valium and had spent some years in Tokyo. She wasted a lot of her money on drugs and made huge expenses.

When her father came to know about her daughter gaining the sexual urge, he filed a complaint to the agency indicating her minor age. The agency then sent Terra back to the U.S. She was merely a 16-year-old model at that time. After becoming 18, Terra acquired General Educational Development. She did her studies in nursing from a reputed university and got certified with EMT from a regional school.

Personal Life

Terra was married to Evan, who shared a similar profile in being a porn actor in 2004. But after five years, both parted ways after splitting. Later on, Terra came close with a special effects artist and welcomed her first baby to the world. Her relationship with him also did not last long, and in 2018, came a report about her marriage to an attorney in Italy, where she was living. 


Adult star Terra made her appearances in two most popular adult magazines, including Playboy and another one is Penthouse. She even earned the title of Pet of the Month long ago in the year 2000 in February. She was one of the runner-ups for the selection of Pet of the Year. Terra also got featured in Genesis, a men’s pornographic magazine that started its publication in 1973. 

In one of the following years, Terra and her ex-pornstar hubby, Evan came up with the launch of a talent agency that would recruit budding models and actors of course. The main objective of this agency was to help the aspiring girls and boys in showing their true talent and worth and in return getting the respect they deserve in the business.

Terra is also the owner of Teravision, her production firm under which she released Desperate where she got featured with her ex-husband Evan. Later on, came a declaration regarding the hosting of the Exxxotica Miami convention by Terra. In 2006, she once again performed under her home production company in an adult film named Tera Patrick’s Fashion Underground with her pornographic co-stars Tommy and Jean. 

Her husband was also featured with another female pornstar with a different name. When asked about it, Terra said in an interview that she has no qualms about seeing her hubby performing with other girls. In the year 2008, Tera began her new role as a host on an adult show named ‘School of Sex’. 

In 2008, Terra Patrick announced her retirement from the porn industry. But she is still active in running her website, own production firm, and exploring other businesses. 

Beyond Porn Films

Terra did not limit herself to being a porn actress only. She made appearances in television shows including Chelsea Lately, and television networks like FOX News and MSNBC. She appeared in a music video of an American rapper and musician in ‘I Can’t Move’. She was picturized as a character in the video game Backyard Wrestling 2

Terra appeared in a cameo role in Blades of Glory, a sports-comedy film that came in 2007. There is also a memoir of her named Sinner Takes All that was published eleven years ago. In her memoir, Tera mentioned the journey of her life including her stardom. 

Net Worth of Tera Patrick

As of now, $10 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of former pornstar Tera Patrick. She earned her fame with her successful career in the porn industry and other appearances in films, and television shows. Her other source of income comes from her multiple businesses including her website and production company Teravision.

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