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Wayne Season 2: Release Date: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

Like other genres, people are also fond of watching dark comedy-action series. One such example is Wayne. It is a story about a boy named Wayne who explores all over the country from Massachusetts to Florida. He rides a bike with a girl who is his crush. Her name is Del. Wayne is actually in search of a Pontiac Trans-Am, a stolen item belonging to his father. 

The man behind the creation of this dark comedy show is Shawn Simmons. Wayne was released two years ago in January. The show became a success with a 27 million viewership. It became one of the top shows that got aired on Youtube Premium. Season 1 of Wayne got much applause from the viewers as well as the critics all because of its engaging storyline, stupendous performance by actors, themes, and action sequences. 

Now after the success of Wayne season 1 all eyes are resting upon the show’s second season. So let us find out whether the following season is coming soon or do we have to wait for some more years to come. Let’s check out. 

Show Details

TV Series:Wayne
Genre:Dark comedy – action
Created by: Shawn Simmons
Composer:Steven Argila
Place Of Origin:United States
Starcast: Mark McKenna, Ciara Bravo Joshua, J. Williams
Original language:English
Number of seasons:1
Number of episodes:10

Wayne Season 2 Release Date

Story Plot

Now let us move on to the story plot of the dark comedy-action show Wayne. The story revolves around a boy whose name is Wayne. He hangs around his girlfriend Del. She is the one who is always by his side in the state of a broken soul, Wayne is in. He, along with Del, plan a roadway to find Trans-Am, a stolen thing belonging to his father. 

Then follows the array of events that take place in this complex and fearsome journey with a mix of comedy. The first season ends with police taking Wayne away to send him back to Brockton, where he is going to face charges and legal happenings that occurred during the journey. During that phase, Del, the love interest of Wayne, gets separated from him by her father and brothers. And they expect to never see his face anymore. 

Wayne’s first season was a mix of all emotions – romance, loneliness, anxiety, bloodshed, and violence too. The adventures of leading character Wayne have gripped so much interest among the audience that they cannot wait for another follow-up season 2. The concluding part of Wayne’s first season ended in a personal downpour for both lovers. If we go by showrunner speculation, the second season of Wayne would follow with Wayne lying in the Juvenile Center. 

According to Simmons, if there is something that is disliking Wayne, then it is injustice. He just cannot tolerate it at any cost. Now to prove his innocence, he needs to make an effort to barge out and resolve the inaccuracies. The dark comedy show will put much emphasis on Wayne’s struggle to do his best in bringing back his love Del, and getting the peace he deserves. 


Other than a robust script After getting to know the crux of the story of Wayne, now let us get to know about the actors who are essaying their allotted roles. Let us begin with the leading ones. 

Mark McKenna

Mark McKenna is an Irish actor born in 1996 on May 5. Other than acting, he is also into singing and music. Other than his role of Wayne in the dark comedy series Wayne on Amazon Prime and YouTube Premium, Mark has also shown his acting prowess in Sing Street, Overlord, Daliland, and The Winter Lake

Ciara Bravo

Ciara Bravo is a talented actress from America. She was born in 1997 on 18th March. Ciara started her career as a child artist in Big Time Rush and the Red Band Society. She was also seen in two Nickelodeon films, Swindle and another Jinxed. Ciara also became a voice-over artist for animated films like Open Season 3. She played the character of Giselita. Ciara also voiced Happiness is a Warm Blanket as Patty’s voice and in Special Agent OSO for Sarah’s character. 

Dean Winters

Dean Winters is also an actor from America. In Wayne, he plays the character of Del’s father, Bobby Luccetti. Other than this dark comedy and action series, Dean was also seen in Oz, a prison drama on the HBO channel. Besides this, he also acted in Sex and the City, Rescue Me, and 30 Rock. Dean also did a cop drama series on CBS Network, Battle Creek. He also appeared in Brooklyn Nine-Nine in the character of Vulture. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is also one of the television series in which he acted. 

Mike O’Malley

Mike O’Malley plays the role of Principal Tom Cole in Wayne. This American actor was born in 1966 on 31st October in Boston. He has appeared in other television series and films also. Mike has hosted a game show which was especially for kids. The name of the game show was Nickelodeon Guts. Later on, he appeared in his own sitcom show The Mike O’Malley Show

Mike has also made guest appearances in series including Raising Hope, Parks and Recreation, and films like Deep Impact, R.I.P.D, 28 Days, Sully, and others. He was also the executive producer and creator of Survivor’s Remorse, a Starz series that aired for 3 years with four seasons. 

When Will Wayne Season 2 Release? Is It Postponed or Cancelled?

Since the first season of Wayne had already taken place, now the wait is for the second season. Going with the future of this dark comedy series, Simmons, the creator of Wayne, has hinted about the premiere of its second follow-up. According to him, the script has been framed, and the whole season has been set. All they are waiting for is to get the green flag from Amazon Prime. 

The script of the second season of Wayne will be more engaging from its central character of the series. Simmons confirmed this during an interview with an online magazine. After final approval from Amazon Prime, we can expect it to be released by 2022, or later.

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