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The Rain Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

Are you searching for a show acquainted with multiple genres – science fiction, drama, psychological thriller, and post-apocalyptic? If that is it, then your search ends with the Danish television series The Rain on Netflix. You will find it as per your expectation here. This post-disaster TV series narrates the lives of Simone and Rasmus, who happen to be brother and sister. 

They are taken into a shelter by their father who is a scientist to protect themselves from rain droplets carrying a virus. It results in submerging the entire Scandinavia, slaying the human race that came in contact with it. 6 years later, Simone and her brother Rasmus get the attention of the people who survived the deadly rainfall. 

They then go on an expedition in search of their siblings’ scientist father. It is he who could help in finding the solution for the condition of his son Rasmus, plus curing the siblings. The people behind the creation of this post-apocalyptic show are Christian Potalivo, Jannik Mosholt, and Esben Jacobsen. It was in 2018 when the premiere of The Rain came for the first time on 4th March.  

Receiving positive feedback from viewers and critics

After its launch, the science fiction series gathered positive feedback from its viewers. Even critics applauded it, terming it a gripping add-on to the genre of post-apocalyptic series. Even though there have been issues that were raised regarding the content of the show, that did not affect its robust fan base. 

The show became discontinued after season 3

Noticing fame and positive ratings of The Rain, the giant streaming network Netflix showed the green flag to the following three seasons. The success of this post-apocalyptic thriller drama show bagged 3 nominations for the Danish Film awards. But it came as a surprise or rather seemed weird as to why this show did not continue post-season 3. 

Will the new season come? Viewers want to know

Now, this may let you think of what prompted the cancelation of The Rain when it garnered so much popularity among its viewers. Another query the viewers would have in mind is whether there will be a 4th season of The Rain or not. Let us find out today in this article. 

Show Details 

TV Series: The Rain
Genre: Drama, Post-apocalyptic, Psychological thriller & Science fiction
Created by: Jannik Tai Mosholt, Esben Toft Jacobsen & Christian Potalivo
Written by: Jannik Tai Mosholt, Lasse Kyed Rasmussen, Marie Østerbye, Poul Berg & Mette Heeno
Place Of Origin: Denmark
Main Cast: Alba August, Lucas Lynggaard & Tønnesen
Original language: Danish, Swedish
Number of seasons: 3
Number of episodes: 20

The Rain Season 4 Release Date

Story plot

The Rain is a post-apocalyptic, drama, science fiction, and psychological thriller. The story begins with a rainfall carrying a virus that sweeps off the entire human race in Scandinavia. Two siblings, one brother, and sister, named Simone and Rasmus get protected by their father, who hides them under a bunker. But after that, he was nowhere to be seen. 

After 6 years, they started their journey to find their lost scientist father who left them at a crucial stage but did not come back to them. In the middle of their voyage, both the siblings are joined by some more people who survived the deadly virus rain. Together they all travel through Denmark and Sweden. Simone and her brother Rasmus look out for a perfect place to save themselves from any uncertain danger. They need to find their father as he is the one who has a solution for the healing. 


The Rain has an interesting story plot that makes viewers glued to it. But an interesting story becomes more appealing when the casting is strong. The actors who are playing their given roles have done full justice to their craft. So let us get to know about some of the actors below beginning with the leading ones.

Alba August

Alba August is a beautiful and talented actress hailing from Denmark and Sweden. She plays the leading character, Simone, in the post-apocalyptic series The Rain. Other than acting, Alba is also proficient in singing and is also a songwriter. The actress is fluent in speaking English other than Swedish and Danish. 

Alba got her first acting role in the 2001 released movie A Song for Martin. Other than The Rain, Alba has also garnered applause for her role in a biographical movie Becoming Astrid. It is based on the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. 

Lucas Tønnesen

Lucas Tonnesen is an actor from Copenhagen, Denmark. The young actor plays the character Rasmus, the brother of Simone, played by Alba August in The Rain. Lucas has also gained attention in other entertainment shows like Tidsrejsen, Cirkus Summarum, and a crime drama show. 

Angela Bundalovic

Angela Bundalovic is an actress from Denmark. She was born in 1995. Angela plays the character of Beatrice in The Rain on Netflix. She went to an artistic educational institution governed by the Danish Ministry of Culture. There she mastered choreography and dance. 

Angela got her first role in acting in the movie Dark Horse. She also appeared in Blood Sisters, a short film that came in 2006. Angela played the role of a minor girl Sidsel. Angela also appeared in Limboland, a TV series in Denmark. She played the role of Nadja, a junkie. 

Johannes Kuhnke

Johannes Kuhnke is a talented actor from Sweden. Other than acting, he is also proficient in singing. Born in 1972, he is known to have appeared in many films and received international fame for his role in Force Majeure. Johannes even sang a song ‘Tonight’ in Melodifestivalen. 

Apart from his appearance in films and TV shows, he has also been part of plays like The Jungle Book. Another one is Cabaret. From 2001 to 2020, he has given stellar performances in films like Om Ente, Bilar 2, Black Widows, and others. 

Release date of The Rain Season 4

The Rain has been a successful sci-fi show that gained impressive feedback from critics and audiences. But if you are expecting a new renewal which is season 4 of The Rain, then sorry to disappoint you, it won’t be happening. The makers of the show have canceled the show. Well, it might seem disheartening but it has ended on a good note. Looking at the positive side, the creators have been given the privilege to wilfully wind up the final show by Netflix.

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