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Tom Brady Net Worth, How Much Is Tom Brady Worth

Tom Brady is a popular name in the sports world. He is a professional sports star in football as a quarterback from America. He played for the American football team in the NFL. Tom experienced his beginning seasons (around 20) with another American soccer team. 

He gained tremendous fame in being the successful quarterback of football. Tom is a prestigious sports award winner (Super Bowl MVP & NFL) during his sports career. Tom made a successful passing record with 64,123 yards. He completed 5450 and more than 8000 attempts. 

You might be familiar with his sports career, but maybe not about his early life, personal life, and other things. So let us explore more about Tom Brady including his career. 

Personal Details 

Full Name:Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr.
Stage Name:Tom Brady
Birthday:3rd August 1977
Place Of Origin:San Mateo, California, United States
Age:43 years old
Height:1.93 m
Weight:102 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse:Gisele Bündchen
Profession:American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League
Total Net Worth:$250 million

How Much Is Tom Brady Worth

Early Life

The birthplace of Tom is known to be San Mateo, California. He was born in 1977 on 3rd August. The genes of a sportsperson came from his family of sports lovers. Tom is only the brother among his three sisters who are elder to him. 

His upbringing was done in the Catholic faith. At the time he was growing Tom became part of 49ers games in San Francisco. His family was also with him. Just like everyone is a fan of some personality of any field, Tom also admired Joe Montana. 

One can say he was his role model. When Tom was a child he attended a sports camp (football) at a college. There he was taught by Tony who counseled him and trained him about the tactics of throwing the football. 

Tom did his graduation from a reputed high school during the 90s decade. At that time, he had already begun exploring his sports craft playing different sports other than football. Very soon Tom became the beginner quarterback of his school team when he was a junior. When he became a senior, he had tapes and sent them to colleges they were supposed to be. 

During the 90s decade, the recruitment of athletes in college was of a much different level. Had Tom been studying in high school in the current decade, then he would have been a 4-star recruit. 

The kind of ranking today was not the same during the 90s era. Tom came under selection in the 18th round by a Canadian baseball team. He was signed to show his sportsmanship by playing football in college with Michigan University. 


Tom appears to be a good looking handsome footballer standing tall at the height of six feet three inches. He weighs around 102 kg. 

Personal Life

Tom came into a relationship with Bridget, an actress by profession, for two years. Next year on 18th February. She even made a confirmation on a popular weekly magazine from America. The revelation was about her pregnancy. Bridget was going to become the mother of Tom’s child. 

The bonding between the two did not last long and ended in 2006 in early December. The relationship finished when Bridget was carrying the child of Tom. In 2007, both became the parents of a son. 

After Bridget, Brady came close to a model Gisele from Brazil during 2006 in December. Their meeting became possible with the help of a mutual friend on a date. Both Tom and Gisele became a couple in 2009 on February 26th. Their wedding took place in a Catholic Church in California. 

In 2009, Costa Rica also had another ceremony event. Tom again became a father, this time to a daughter. 

Tom Brady: A Health Freak Sportsman

When it comes to healthy living, then it won’t be wrong to term Tom Brady a health freak footballer. And it is true to the fact the way he keeps himself fit by adhering to a strict diet plan. Tom does meditation, yoga and consumes an appropriate proportion of the diet. 

He goes to bed earlier and follows neuroplasticity training. Not only Tom, but his family too joins him in maintaining a healthy diet routine. Tom’s bodyweight also includes 1/32 liters of water intake daily. 

He is not into eating much of fruits and other food items like eggs, mushrooms, white sugar, tomatoes, cereals, bread, potatoes, and gluten. 


Since Tom’s selection was done later, he is often termed as a major ‘steal’ in the National Football League Draft. He began his sports journey as quarterback during the 2nd season and was attached to an American Football team, the New England Patriots. 

Tom is the only quarterback who earned a Super Bowl victory for more than 20 seasons during the initial season as a beginner. In the history of the NFL, Tom has registered a special palace of himself in becoming a successful quarterback. 

He never experienced the taste of defeat in any season as a quarterback while teaming with the New England Patriots. Tom led the team in winning titles in the history of the NFL. No other quarterback has achieved such status other than him. 

He holds the status of NFL player who rendered all playoff wins and performances. Tom brought 8 victories to the New England Patriots in AFC Championship games held in the year 2011. 

Tom also got into the selection of fourteen Pro Bowls tying the most selections in NFL records. 


Apart from success, Tom Brady also faced suspension in the initial four games. And it was all because of his involvement in a tampering football activity. Tom led the Patriots to win the other 3 Super Bowls.

Net Worth Of Tom Brady

As of the year 2021, $250 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of the footballer quarterback Tom Brady. His main source of income comes through the National Football League. This makes him earn seventy percent of his net worth. 

Other than NFL, Tom also earns through endorsing sports brands and merchandise. 

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