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Grand Blue Season 2: Characters, Plot, Latest Updates, and More

Grand Blue is a manga series in Japan written by Kenji Inoue. Kimitake Yoshioka gave life to the characters through illustrations. In April 2014, Kodansha published the manga series on its seinen manga magazine ‘good! Afternoon.’

As of September 2021, the series had 17 tankobon volumes. Kodansha Comics published an English version of the series through Kodansha USA. In addition, Zero-G made an anime television series adaptation.

It aired in the MBS Animeism programming block from July to September 2018. In August 2020, a live-action adaptation film was released.


The story is about a teenager named Iori Kitahara. He moved to the Izu Peninsula to prepare for college. He stayed on top of ‘Grand Blue,’ his uncle’s diving shop. But, to his surprise, it’s different from what he expected.

The boys’ local Diving Club has more time for leisure than diving. As much as he wanted to get away from these buffoons, he caught up with their mess. His cousins tried to open their eyes about the wonders of ocean and sea diving.


Iori Kitahara

Iori is a freshman student at Izu University studying Mechanical Engineering. He doesn’t know how to swim. He became a member of the Diving Club but soon discovered that they are more interested in their antics.

He tried to distance himself. But, afraid of breaking his friendship with others, he tries to suppress what he feels. He’s an open and earnest person.

As such, he easily wins other people’s approval despite his childish initial impression. Iori’s dream is to make a band. He loves writing songs.

But, he lacks the skills and finds it very embarrassing. However, he’s an expert in precision sports like volleyball and tennis. He’s an over-thinker that gets anxious easily.

Shiori Kitahara

Shiori is Iori’s younger sister who pretends to care for Iori. She secretly plans on having Iori take over their family business to free herself from that burden.

Chisa Kotegawa

Chisa is a smart and beautiful cousin and classmate of Iori. She loves diving. She’s reserved and doesn’t get involved with the Diving Club’s interests. She doesn’t want romance and dumps her schoolmates that make a move on her.

Her dream is to become a diving instructor like her mother. As such, she devoted herself to practicing diving to hone her skills.

Nanaka Kotegawa

Nanaka is a diving instructor in Grand Blue. She watches over the Diving Club’s sessions. They are more reserved whenever Nanaka is around.

Toshio Kotegawa

Toshio is Iori’s uncle and owner of the Grand Blue diving shop.

Kohei Imamura

Kohei is Iori’s best friend.

Shinji Tokita

Shinji is a member of the Diving Club who loves to party. He’s a carefree muscular guy who takes diving seriously.

Ryujiro Kotobuki

Ryujiro is almost the same as Shinji. But, he’s more charismatic and works as a part-time professional bartender.

Azusa Hamaoka

Azusa is one of the senior members of the Diving Club. She loves to party and is often portrayed with promiscuity.

Aina Yoshiwara

Aina is a freshman at Oumi Women’s College. She’s called “Cakey” because of the immense makeup she puts on her face.

Captain Kudo

He’s the team captain of the Tennis Club.

Kaya Mizuki

Kaya is a voice actor who loves diving.

Hajime Nojima

Hajime is a trying-hard playboy and classmate of Iori.

Shinichiro Yamamoto

Shinichiro is Iori’s classmate who’s not fond of having a girlfriend.

Kenta Fujiwara

Kenta is the most decent classmate of Iori.


Kenji Inoue and Kimitake Yoshioka worked together in creating Grand Blue. On April 7, 2014, Kodansha released the series on its ‘good! Afternoon’ manga magazine. The company compiled the series’ chapters into tankobon volumes.

On November 7, 2014, the first volume came out. There are sixteen compiled volumes as of November 20, 2020. The series is published in English by Kodansha USA.

Its name was changed to Grand Blue Dreaming. As of May 29, 2019, the company released ten volumes.


On March 7, 2018, ‘Good! Afternoon magazine released a statement about an upcoming anime adaptation of the series. Shinji Takamatsu created and directed the anime series. Hideoki Kusama gave life to the characters with Zero-G as the producer.

The anime series aired from July 14, 2018, until September 29, 2018. It became available on TBS, MBS, AT-X, and BS-TBS through the Animeism programming block. The series is also available worldwide using Amazon Video.

The series had 12 episodes.


On August 7, 2020, Tsutomu Hanabusa released his live-action film adaptation of the series. It was supposedly released on May 29, 2020, but moved because of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Season 2

Despite the unconventional storyline of the series, fans are eager to hear more. Season 1 ended with 12 episodes while showing Iori’s struggle to be with the Diving Club. Will the wild antics of the Diving Club affect his life?

Who else would appear and make the life of Iori more troubled as it is? Despite the lewd display of the Diving Club’s shenanigans, people still love the series. Its unique way of showing what it’s like to be a teen caught the fans’ attention.

As such, the yearning for a second season circulated the internet. But, the production team still holds themselves in silence. Is there a chance for another season?

We can never tell. But looking at the clamor of fans for more, I bet Kenji and Shinji heard their voices.

But, based on the timeline, it’s not that far when season 1 ended. Typically, it takes 5 years for an anime to release another season. Thus, hoping for more still holds a chance.

Looking further in Grand Blue’s story leaves an open door of possibilities. It’s not a surprise if someone shows up bearing a new identity. The story is not limited to the four corners of Izu University.

Will there be more? One thing is certain. Iori’s life at the Izu Peninsula holds a lot more than what we can ever imagine.

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