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Kim Kardashian Net Worth, How Much Is Kim Kardashian Worth

Kim Kardashian is a popular name known by everyone. After all, you must have watched Famous For Being Famous, a television serial she became famous with. But other than her acting prowess, Kim also gained much attention due to her sexiness and curvy body. 

She rose to popularity with another much popular reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. One can call it a family show as it featured all the family members, including Kim herself. 

Kim Kardashian is a well-known model turned actress from America, who is not only known for her acting. She holds more other skills.I mean she is also a producer, a socialite, and also an entrepreneur. 

As I have mentioned above, other than her talent, Kim also became the center of attraction because of her voluptuous figure. In 2002, she grabbed much attention when a video showed her in a sexual act with a well-known American rapper, singer, Ray J. 

No matter being a public figure, she was served a notice for spreading obscenity. In the later decade, she appeared with her family on a family show Keeping Up With Kardashians. It aired from 2007 to the present year 2021. With the very first success, it paved the way for a spin-off series. 

Kim has been successful with social media reach, where she garnered a million follower list on one of her social media platforms, in which she is active. 

There are so many products launched in her name. An app called Selfish is known to be her application. Apart from her success as an actress and an entrepreneur, Kim also made headlines for her relationship with American rapper Kanye West

Many media platforms covered their marriage event that took place around seven years ago. Both Kim and Kanye became parents to 4 kids. As an actress, Kim starred in movies like Disaster Movie and other films that came during 2008 and 2009. 

A very popular news magazine of America even got her listed in the category of influential people (around 100) long ago in 2015. In the same year, Kim even became an actress who was paid higher. 

After giving you a glimpse of Kim Kardashian’s successful life, now let us get to know more about her life, career, earnings, and other things in this article.

Personal Details 

Full Name:Kimberly Noel Kardashian
Stage Name:Kim Kardashian
Birthday:21st October 1980
Place Of Origin:Los Angeles, California, US
Age:40 years old
Height:1.59 m
Weight:59 Kg
Nationality:American, Uzbek
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse:Kanye West
Profession:Television personality, Businesswoman, Actress, and Social media star
Total Net Worth:$1.4 billion

How Much Is Kim Kardashian Worth

Early Life

Kim Kardashian was born in California in the 1980s. She was born to Kris Jenner and her ex-husband Robert. She is not the only child they gave birth to. Kim has the company of three other siblings including one brother. 

Kim even has two step-sisters who were born after her mother Kris married a second time with Bruce in 1991. She did her schooling at a reputed high school that had only girls students in LA. 

The school followed Roman Catholic beliefs. In 2003, Kim’s father passed away after prolonged cancer. Did you know Kim had been a stylist for a popular Hollywood film actress? 

Yes, it is true. This was when Kim got the attention of the media for the first time through her close friend actress and socialite Paris Hilton. 

Personal Life

Kim Kardashian gained immense attention not only through her professional life but also her personal life. And it was her marriage that took place twice. First, she was married to the music composer, Damon, but ended her relationship with him via divorce. 

After him, Kim came close to American rap singer, Ray J. He is the one with whom she made a sex tape. After him, Kim started dating an NBA sportsperson, Kris Humphries. Both got engaged long back in 2011. 

However, their relationship did not run for long and ended in a very brief period. She even went for divorce. As it is expected from the celebrity’s life, Kim’s marriage and divorce both became a controversial topic. 

It is said it was all a publicity stunt to fetch out the financial gain for the promotion of her family brand. Well, there is nothing to feel so surprised about, it is common in the lives of celebrities. 

Then finally, she came close to her very old friend and famous rapper from America, Kanye West. 

She turned friendship into a relationship by marrying him in Italy, seven years ago. And as usual, as it happens, it garnered much media attention. Coming on to the spiritual side, Kim Kardashian follows Christianity. Both she and Kanye are parents to 4 kids.


Kim made her Hollywood career debut as an assistant and stylist to celebrities. As mentioned above, Paris Hilton was the first client of hers who became so close to her. And with that, she gained attention from the media. 

Kim has a big family tree including her siblings. She also has a company of half-sisters who were born to an ex-Olympian father Bruce and mother Kris. For the last two decades, Kim has established herself as one of the successful personalities who garnered much fame. 

Other than her acting and shows she does, Kim is also an entrepreneur. She runs multiple businesses including products of losing weight, cosmetics, perfumes, and others. Not to forget, she is also into retail endorsements and the apparel business. 

Sex Tape

When it comes to celebrities, then they can do anything unexpected to get attention. Kim Kardashian did the same with her sex tape with American singers and rappers. In the sex tape, Kim was seen exposing her naked derriere and bosom. She also gave a blowjob to her partner Ray J in one of her sexual acts.

Reality Show

Moving on to her infamous sex tape, Kim climbed the ladder of fame with her much-famous reality show Keeping Up With Kardashians. The show aired on network E!

This was the time when the career of Kim Kardashian skyrocketed. She became part of films and appeared on lots of magazine covers. 

Net Worth of Kim Kardashian

Currently, $1.4 billion is supposed to be the estimated net worth of Kim Kardashian. She earned her fortune with multiple sources that would add up her income. This included acting in television shows, movies, plus her endorsement business. 

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