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Stylish Female Vampire Names to Name Your Daughter

There is always a positive and negative side to every element. Like in films there are protagonist and antagonist characters, similarly, if there are angels, then there are vampires. And we all are aware of their characteristics, as portrayed in movies, and stories. Many Hollywood films are based on vampires including Dracula, The Kiss, The Living Dead Girl, Once Bitten, Blood and Roses, Vampyres, Midnight Son, Innocent Blood, Near Dark, Van Helsing, Twilight, 30 Days of Night, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.  

If you have an avid interest in watching horror/vampire movies, then we hope you must have watched these movies. Vampires are not only confined to the male gender, there are female ones too. Well, you might not be aware of the fact that a newbie vampire gets a new name from the name at the time of their birth as a human. 

Vampire Names for Females

Whenever it comes to naming a girl child, parents usually prefer those that have a positive meaning related to nature, warrior, or anything else. But ever imagine naming your girl child with a vampire name? Yes, it does sound weird, but choices can be made. 

If there is any fictional vampire character inspired by a book or a movie, then this article comes as the best guide for you folks. There are many names of vampires that have gained utmost popularity. These vampire names range from Italian to Greek origin. They are respectful to the place they have begun with, and most have dark meanings. 

Before we scroll down the top female vampire names, let us mention to you an example of Ambrogio. This fictional male vampire has garnered much popularity inspired by movies and even books. Earlier, much emphasis was given to the names and what they mean. It became simple to recognize a different character. 

However, with time everything changes, and so do the names that come up as new variations of a similar namesake. But when it comes to vampires, then it is not the same case. They preferred to be glued to their old names. Now here there are two different approaches. 

Some are in favor of ancient names, as they found it more appealing. But in the case of new ones, they are ready to experiment with more advanced vampire names. Now let us get back to our main topic which is:

Top female vampire names and their meanings

Mostly the names of female vampires are derived from Greek origin. Selene is the most preferred name for female vampires. According to a belief, she is a Greek goddess, who is known to be the mother of contemporary vampires. Well, no matter if female vampires seem creepy antagonist creatures, but their names can be inspiring and can dig out the darker version of you. 

Most of the names showcase the characteristics of the bearer. So you need to see which is the best one. So now without wasting any more time, let us glide on to the female vampire names beginning with:


Adreana is an Italian origin name that stands for dark. And as you know vampires represent darkness. But it is a catchy name you can prefer to name your daughter. It would look good when people address her as Adreana. No matter if it represents darkness, the name appears to be stylish for your smart daughter. Adriana is the common version of this name with the only difference of ‘I’ instead of ‘E’. So don’t have to follow it, and can choose Adreana instead. 


Another very attractive name after Adreana is Ambrosia. This Greek origin name stands for immortal. It is also a catchy female vampire name to name your girl child. You might be unaware of the fact that the name Ambrosia had been popular since 1900. It was ranked 21984th according to United States census information. But as it says, old is gold, Ambrosia is one such old name that is still prevalent today. In 2020, six girls shared this name as per US census data. 


Coming on to the next one is the Indian origin name Ballari. Sounds very cool. Well, the meaning of this name also appears spooky, which is walking quietly. This name suits girls with a quiet nature. Well, we can even explain to you the meaning of each alphabet of this name. B in Ballari stands for being very cautious during communication with the people whom you are meeting for the first time. 

The A represents the meaning of staying quiet at times when something is going on in your mind. The letter in the name Ballari indicates the inability to judge the silly behavior of people sometimes. The R represents being a social butterfly, and I indicate your sudden temperament. 


Another Indian-origin female name after Ballari is Kali. Well, we all can relate this to the dark Hindu goddess. The meaning is also the same. She has a fearsome dark appearance with the tongue out, wearing a garland of skulls, and a skirt of human arms. Her eyes are red which are intoxicated with rage. Kali is worshipped as one of the nine forms of goddess Durga. 

The reason why we have mentioned her in the female vampire name list is that she drinks the blood of the demon Raktabeej with her lolling out tongue. Going by the Hindu faith, she does this to intercept the appearances of duplicates of a demon named Raktabeej. Hence, she does not let his blood drop on the ground. Kali can be one of the best names one can choose to name her girl child. You can even prefer a better variation of this name with Cali to make it more attractive. 


There is another Greek origin name called Narkissa. This name represents sleep or numbness. Well, this too seems a spooky name. But going by the pronunciation then it will seem nice in hearing and calling your girl child. The meaning might seem dark but the name is attractive enough to choose for your girl child. 


We are pretty much sure you will love to name it for your daughter. The meaning of this English origin name Scarlett is red. This name will remind you of a female character in the popular vampire movie Van Helsing. Mentioning another best example is the beautiful Hollywood actress Scarlett Johnson. She plays the famous female character Black Widow.


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