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Top Boy Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

Top Boy is an interesting crime drama British show for all those viewers who love watching crime drama shows. Kudos to Ronan Bennett, the person behind the writing and creation. It revolves around the imaginary Summerhouse estate in the London borough. The broadcasting of the first series took place on British television network Channel 4 over four successive nights in 2011 from October to November. 

In the year 2013, a DVD of the first series of Top Boy was issued on July 22. It followed with the airing of the second series that aired in the same year on August 20 on Channel 4. A DVD of the second installment was also issued on September 16. Even though the proposal of the third series also came into being, it was dropped in 2014 on the British television network. 

Aubrey Graham, a popular rapper from Canada, took a keen interest in the show. Because of this came an announcement by Netflix regarding the revival of the crime drama series Top Boy Season 4 in 2017 in November had 10 episodes each. Ashley and Kane who till now have been playing their characters Dushane Hill and Gerald Sulivan will stick to their roles. 

Ronan Benett, the man behind the creation of the Top Boy series, came back with most episodes with other members of the original creative team including Jamal Henderson, Drake, and other three people. They all joined as executive producers for the crime drama series. The premiere of the new season appeared two years ago on Netflix on 13th September. 

It came as the first season, the real series came as an addition to Netflix with the name Top Boy: Summerhouse. The crime drama show is not aloof from the long hours’ break. It made a winning comeback two years ago on Netflix after 6 years post the cancellation by Channel 4. 

After season 3, the expectation of a 4th season among the viewers also came into being. But unfortunately, the persisting global pandemic COVID-19 played a spoilsport causing its derailment. Well, let’s check out whether the fourth season of Top Boy is coming soon or if we have to wait for more years. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Top Boy
Genre: Crime – Drama
Created by: Ronan Bennett
Composers: Brian Eno & Michael Asante
Place Of Origin: United Kingdom
Main Cast: Ashley Walters, Kane Robinson, Micheal Ward and others
Original language: English
Number of seasons: 3
Number of episodes: 18

Top Boy Season 4 Release Date

Story plot

The story of Top Boy revolves around the investigation of Ra’Neil played by actor Malcolm Kamulete, who wants to find out about the exact reason for the hazards of surviving in the criminal background of the Summerhouse estate in London borough. It all comes after the admission of his mother to a mental hospital. 

Ra’Nell carries an image of uncertain behavior in the estate after he stabs his abusive father. He is seen in the first and second seasons of the Top Boy series, which also has two main leading characters, Dushane and Sully. Both of them battle out with Jamie, their rival in drug dealing for Summerhouse turf. 


Other than an interesting storyline that is behind the success of a television show or a movie, some actors make it possible with the enactment of their allotted roles. The casting of Top Boy makes this crime-drama show worth watching. Let us get to know about some of the mainstream actors of this show, beginning with:

Ashley Walters

Ashley Walters is a talented personality from the United Kingdom. He plays the character of Dushane Hill in the crime drama series Top Boy. Besides being an actor, Ashley is also a rapper and songwriter. He is even popular with his stage name Asher D. Ashley won accolades with his portrayal of Ricky in a 2004 released movie Bullet Boy. Other than his role of Dushane in Top Boy, Ashley has also appeared in other crime-drama shows including Grange Hill, Silent Witness, Cuffs, and Get Rich or Die Tryin

Kane Robinson

Like Ashley, Kane Robinson also shares the same profile in being a rapper, songwriter, and also actor. He was born in London in 1985 on 21st May. He is also famous for his stage name Kano. The English rapper has made a great contribution to electronic music and culture with other rap artists. Ps and Qs was the debut single released by Kane in 2004. It became an underground hit among the electronic music community. 

Jasmine Jobson

Jasmine Jobson is also an actress from the United Kingdom. The British actress was born in 1995 on May 9. She plays the character of Jaq in the crime drama series Top Boy. Her name even came in the nomination list of Bafta for her portrayal of Lily’s character in Surge, a feature film, whose premiere came last year at the Sundance Film Festival. 

This British actress has appeared for brief roles in television series like The Break, Dark Heart, Suspects, and Five by Five (mini-series). She has also portrayed different characters in films other than Surge like The King, Flea, Little Shit, Carly, A Generation of Vipers, and Good Thanks, You?

Lisa Dwan

Lisa plays the character of Lizzie in the Top Boy crime series. Besides being an actress from Ireland, she is also into direction and writing. Besides films, Lisa is also active in TV shows. The Irish actress is known for her short films like Pop Shot, An Afterthought, Sparrowhawk, and The Engagement. Besides playing Lizzie in Top Boy, Lisa Dwan has also made appearances in other TV shows including Oliver Twist, Fair City, Bloodlands, Rock Rivals, and Trust

When to expect the release of Top Boy Season 4?

The renewal of the Top Boy season 4 has already been done by Netflix. At the time when the renewal of season 3 was done in 2017, the streaming giant also announced the renewal of its follow-up season 4. It was supposed to take place in the last year (2020) but COVID-19 became a spoilsport. 

In 2020, it came out that the production has been started and the fourth installment might take place in 2021. Well, only 3 months are left in the year-end, so let us see whether it streams between October to December. 

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