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Stylish Wedding Rings That You Should Know in 2022

Wedding rings are a symbolic representation that one takes pride in their union with their partner. For most people, proudly wearing their wedding ring grants them a sense of belonging, and they also use it to show that they are already claimed.

The importance of wedding rings cannot be overlooked. Due to this, one must ensure that the wedding ring they chose will always remain desirable in their eyes, and their partner’s eyes for the years to come.

Choosing the right wedding rings, such as these beautiful celtic wedding bands can be the most important part of wedding planning. However, it can also be the most difficult part due to the wide array of available designs to choose from. Thousands of wedding band designs come out yearly to appease new or existing clients.

Working with a professional wedding planner can ease the stress of choosing wedding bands for your day. However, the couple will still have to choose among a number of wedding band designs. Thus, it is ideal to already have a few designs in mind before approaching a jewelry store for your custom wedding rings melbourne (or wherever you are located).

If you don’t know where to start, don’t panic, we got you! In this article, we highlight the best stylish wedding ring designs that you should know in 2022.

Stylish Wedding Rings That You Should Know in 2022

Pear Shaped Wedding Rings

Pear-shaped wedding rings have stood the test of time. They have existed since the mid-15th century.

Initially, they were only available as a symbol of royalty for the rich in society. Over the years, pear-shaped wedding rings have become more popular and, therefore, available to anyone impressed by the design.

Pear-shaped wedding rings often include a valuable gem. The most common choice for people is diamond. In its early days, the rings were designed using diamond mined from the ground.

However, the controversial concept of blood diamonds has made wedding ring sculptors change to using lab-grown diamonds.

Lab-grown diamonds are a type of human-made diamonds. They are manufactured in laboratories by mimicking the natural process of diamond growing. The methods used in growing lab diamonds are highly efficient in that, the resulting diamonds have the same chemical and physical properties as the naturally occurring diamonds.

Pear-shaped wedding rings for women give a look of sophistication and elegance, therefore, they are highly recommended. The curves in the pear-shape grant good exposure to light due therefore the diamonds dazzle well.

Double Band Wedding Rings

The stacking of rings is a popular trend that has been in style for the past 5 years or so. The stacking of matching rings gives a stylish look that accentuates a person’s style. This ring style has been adopted for engagement rings and wedding bands but in a different form.

Double band wedding or engagement rings have two bands that appear to be standing alone. The bends can be designed as per the client’s request. They can undergo different types of client customizations such as band color, band design, band material, etc.

The double bands that seem independent are joined at the center with a client’s centerpiece of choice. Most people choose to have gemstones. The gemstone is placed between the double set of bands and supported on each end with the bands.

Double band wedding rings are a good choice for those who wish to have their ring stand out from the conventional ring designs available in the market.

Halo Rings

Some couples choose to disregard modern style trends and stick to the basic halo rings. They offer a taste of simplicity and exquisiteness to the person wearing them. However, most modern halo rings do not adhere to the conventional design of halo rings.

The conventional halo rings constituted a simple band made of a non-accentuated metal. In 2022, however, halo rings are styled with jewels all along with the band. The most common style is the halo ring, which is made up of intricate diamonds used to coat the band and accentuate the centerpiece of the halo ring.

There are also halo rings where the centerpiece is a diamond but the surrounding stones or its halo is a different gemstone. The most popular one is sapphire.

Gemstone Engagement & Wedding Rings

Several people opt to choose simple rings and then select a centerpiece of their choice. Wedding ring manufacturers, therefore, offer clients a wide range of selection of different ring centerpieces.

The centerpieces are different types of gemstones. Most people, choose the gemstone centerpiece for their rings based on their favorite colors or the luster of the gemstone. Gemstone engagement rings are a good choice for people who prefer to have unique-looking items.

Gemstone engagement and wedding rings grant one the chance to express their personality through their ring. There are gemstones available for virtually any color that one would want.

Once you find the gemstone that works for you, you can choose your wedding band design to match your gemstone of choice.

Cathedral Rings

The name cathedral ring is based on the Catholic church cathedrals due to their unique architectural designs. Cathedral rings use various designs and curves to lift a ring’s centerpiece, making it pop and stand out.

Cathedral rings offer a unique blend of vintage and modern styles. They are a good choice for people looking to have a wedding band that is a combination of old and new styles and one that complements the ring’s centerpiece well.

Cathedral rings are increasingly becoming popular among the young due to their elegance. The arches that lift the ring’s centerpiece also create the perception of a large centerpiece.

Cathedral rings are paired with one’s gemstone or a diamond cut of choice.

White Gold Rings

White gold rings are rare to come across. They are developed by combining various silver alloys and yellow gold to form a gold compound that is white, similar to diamond.

White gold rings are perfect for combining with gemstones. This is because the sparkling white color of the gold will intensify the color of any gemstones paired with it, therefore making the ring more beautiful.


When choosing wedding or engagement rings, it is important to keep in mind that some materials will change their color with use. This is why it is vital to buy rings from a dealer who will also offer polishing services in case the color or luster of the ring changes over the years.

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