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What to do if AC is Not Working?

An ac that doesn’t cool down the house can cause summertime stress and big-time costs. If you have an ac not cooling, you probably worry about the hotter months and want it fixed before summer comes.

Air conditioners and the cold air that they produce are essential for relaxing and enjoyable home life. Hotter summer months are on the way. Suppose you have an ac that is not blowing cold air. In that case, it is probably time for some maintenance from our reputable and highly qualified team of technicians at Indoor Air Technologies.

Reasons for an Air Conditioner Not Cooling

For several reasons, a central air conditioning system could get shut down, broken, or stop working. Just because you have an ac not cooling your home doesn’t mean you need to worry. There are many things that you could check yourself if your ac system is on the fritz.

We all know that air conditioners are part of comforting home life. Before you become too overwhelmed by the air conditioner not cooling the house, consider why the reasons that the ac is not cooling.

The Thermostat Settings

The thermostat may only be blowing as a fan or not on at all. To get cold air blowing, the thermostat settings should be set correctly. A thermostat with incorrect settings will circulate hot air or not produce cool air from the air conditioner.

Refrigerant Leak

The central air conditioning system has an outdoor condenser unit with an evaporator coil cabinet. This evaporator coil is the component that cools the air entering your house by collecting the warm air from your home and turning it into a gas, releasing the heat and returning the cool, dry air into your home. These units are called refrigeration units.

Refrigeration units must be installed securely and under pressure with refrigerant. Generally, these refrigerant substances are released from your indoor systems and external systems. The refrigerant leak can cause poor systems performance and total unit shutdown. The main aim of refrigerant is to extract the temperature of the inside air before leaving the house.

Filthy Filter

Your air conditioning may have a filter near the thermostat or connected somewhere on the indoor air handler unit and furnace where the air intake takes place in your home. When soil, pollution, or airborne particles enter the air handling system, the filter’s job is to capture those particles. The air filter helps you maintain indoor air quality around your house. The system’s air filter is essential for air cleanliness and circulation. A dirty air filter for your air conditioner can make your home overheat. It might cause the ac system to shut down entirely in severe instances.

Look at the Condenser

Central air conditioning gets equipped with outdoor condensation units. The exterior generally gets covered by an outdoor wire housing that protects the ac unit’s condenser. With the air conditioner running, the condenser lines should be free of clogs and blocks to continue blowing cold air. The air conditioner housing contains several “fins” closely separated from each other.

Air conditioning systems need air flow from all parts of the system, and the condenser is an essential part of that flow. Unfortunately, much debris gets found on the outdoor unit equipment, such as grass, dirt, and other contaminants. Debris on the internal components of the ac unit can cause severely clogged systems that could cause system breakdown.

Leaky Ducts

Your ductwork could also be the reason for an air conditioner not cooling. As your duct system guides the conditioned air around the house it is possible that a leak in the duct could release the cold air from the ac unit into the walls or attic before it reaches your home’s rooms. As most AC ducts work in your attic, some heat can enter your ductwork and increase the indoor temperature when there are leaks in the air ducts.

Leaking ducts cause warm indoor air and drive inefficient and expensive air conditioner systems. You should not have any hot air entering the ducts. Any leaking air from the ac unit is wasted, as well.

Actions for how to Fix an Air Conditioner that’s Not Cooling

A central air conditioner is essential for staying comfortable, especially during the hot summer months. Even though you might have an air conditioner running but not cooling the house, there are several actions that you can take to ensure that you receive the cool air you expect from the entire system.

Settings for the System’s Indoor Thermostat

Since the thermostat controls most ac units, it should be set correctly for cooling systems and not simply blowing air around the house. The ‘Cool’ setting keeps the air conditioner running with cold air. The ‘auto’ feature uses the thermometer on the thermostat to help move air through the house only when needed. The thermostat should get set to ‘Cool’ and ‘Auto.’ If you only have the thermostat turned to ‘On,’ the air conditioner will run even if it is not producing cool air.

Cleaning Outdoor Units

For the central ac to continue adequately cooling in the house, you must make sure that the outdoor unit is clean. Outdoor systems get exposed to the elements, and leaving them dirty could cost you higher fees on energy bills, so it pays to keep them clean.

There are sharp parts, fins, and sheet metal on the casing, so be careful and wear gloves when removing or cleaning the outdoor unit. Turn off the power and remove the housing hood. Wipe down the condenser coil and internal fan of any visible debris. Check for proper condenser coil and overall unit function by replacing the hood, plugging in, and listening for any rubbing sounds.

Clean the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil should be cleaned occasionally with a soft bristle brush and coil cleaner. This special cleaner ensures that there are no residues left behind.

Wear gloves, unplug the unit, and remove the housing hood. Brush gently on the coil cabinet and coil. Then, add coil cleaner and scrub gently with a brush or clean cloth.

Replace the Blower Filter

A dirty filter is a sure way of causing compressor malfunctions, overworking your ac unit, and possibly damaging it. The filter for the blower is located in the home somewhere near the blower and furnace. Ensure you have the correct size filter, open the grate that holds the filter, and replace it. Replacing your filter regularly ensures that the system appropriately cools, lowers energy bills, and removes other airborne particles that cause asthma and other health problems.

Repair Ducts

The ducts are those sheet metal tubes that carry cooled air from the fan coil unit condo cabinet to the rest of the home during the cooling process. If the ducts are damaged, dented, disconnected, or leaking, they won’t be as efficient at cooling the house.

Turn on the fan for the system and gain access to the ducts. Feel and listen for leaks and look for damaged or disconnected ducts. Mark the spots that need repair with a pen and then turn off the system fan. Return to the duct and use duct tape to reconnect, repair, and replace any leaking parts of the ductwork to ensure that the cool air is not escaping.

Indoor Air Technologies Can Get the Job Done

Identifying and repairing the problem with an evaporator coil, air filter, condenser unit, and ductwork that is leaking are all things that require a lot of time, effort, and know-how. Indoor Ait Technologies’ professional and certified technicians have over ten years of experience with all air conditioner problems. They can troubleshoot any issues of an ac not cooling.

Some of the advantages of working with Indoor Air Technologies include:

  • Superior service
  • Friendly Technicians
  • Team of professional service providers
  • Free house-call and estimate
  • Punctual and service-oriented team

Once you decide it is time to fix that air conditioner that is not working, let us know how we can help by contacting us through our website. The Indoor Air Technologies team is ready to service your AC and get you feeling the cool air again!

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