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Timeless Old Man Names for Your Baby Boy

Some things are always evergreen. No matter how old they have become with changing trends and choices of people. One such example is retro names for babies. With the change in trend people often try out new experiments. Some are influenced by celebrity names, whereas some prefer curating their names in prefix-suffix style. 

But the pair does not always make sense and looks good. So one can say that when a new tactic fails to make a mark, then the old always works. As it says, ‘old is gold. Now it seems parents are once again getting back to old man names to name their boys. They are off with unusual names for their babies. They are neither interested in which celebrity named his/her star kid.
Names of Old Men

Well, naming the first name is not as simple as it seems. However, if you are indulging in brainstorming exercises searching for a classic old name for your newborn baby boy, then stop bothering yourself further. Because now you have reason to cheer up as we have come up with some best-shortlisted vintage old names of the 80s for your baby boy. He will thank you when he reaches his old age, we assure you that. So check out the list below:


Albert is the evergreen old classic name you can prefer to name your baby boy. Originated in German, the meaning of this word is bright and noble. If we go by the popularity chart of this name, then it has risen from 1880 to 2020. Even though names are not so celebrity-centric, still, there is one famous historical figure that shares this name. He is the theoretical physicist Albert Einstein known for his theories including E=mc2.


Abraham is another old name that can be preferred for your baby boy name. Like Albert, it is also an evergreen choice. The meaning of this Hebrew origin word is ‘’father of many’’. In Hebrew Bible or Tanakh, there is a main character called Abraham, who is also seen as the common patriarch of the Abrahamic faith including Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. A very popular example of Abraham’s name as the 16th U.S. president is Abraham Lincoln. 


Other than Albert and Abraham, you can also prefer to choose Arthur, one of the classic old names. The Irish-English origin word means ‘’son of the bear king’. Naming your baby boy Arthur would be a good choice as it is a common Brittonic language of the Celtic language family native to the Welsh people. The name itself sounds masculine. Legendary heroic King Arthur is the best example here. 


Archie is another German origin name that means genuine or precious. This name is an abbreviated form of the name Archibald. Nowadays, it is much more popular with Archie in Britain in comparison to the United States. Giving a perfect example of this name is the comic character Archie, who is very popular among teenagers. Your son will thank you for such a lovely, short, and crispy name. 


Other than Abraham, there is another Hebrew origin name called Benjamin. Its meaning is the son of my right hand. This name belongs to the Old Testament of the Bible. Among the twelve sons of Jacob in the Bible, Benjamin is known to be the youngest one. There is even an expression called ‘the Benjamin of the family which means the youngest child. 

So in that way, if you are blessed with a baby boy, who is the youngest among his siblings, then this name would suit him. And like I have mentioned examples of famous people with similar names, the example of this Benjamin name is the founder of the United States Benjamin Franklin. 


Coming on to the next best captivating old man, the Scottish name is Bruce. The meaning of this name is the willowlands. Bruce is an English name that first emerged in Scotland from the place Normandy, France. Earlier this name got widely known by the successors of King Robert the Bruce. People have been keeping this as a surname during the medieval era. 

And now in contemporary times, this name has become so common and liked by people. There is one more exciting example I can quote here. And it is pretty much sure you will love it to name your baby boy. It is Bruce Wayne, the alter ego name of Dark Knight crusader Batman.


Derek is a Teutonic origin name that means a gifted ruler. Like Arthur, this name also sounds masculine. It is extracted from the word Diedrik, known to be the minor form Franconian name, Theodoric. It is a German name that means people-ruler. Other than Derek, you can also name your baby boy by using its variants like Dereck, Dik, Dirck, and Dirk. Actor Derek Luke is one such example of this name. He played the character of Gabe Jones in Captain America: The First Avenger


Duncan is Gaelic originated name that means dark-haired warrior. It is one of the old man’s names that is still liked by parents to name their baby boys. The name itself sounds stylish and catchy, no matter how old it is. King Duncan is the popular fictional character in Macbeth, a famous play by William Shakespeare. 


Edwin is also a very famous English name that means friend and fortune. It is also one of the popular old man names you can refer to name your newborn boy. The name sounds pretty and appealing to be called. Many famous people are sharing this name including the American journalist, writer, and newscaster Edwin Newman. So do refer to this good name. 


If you wish to be called the father of a brave child, then the French name Lionel is surely a great and suitable name to choose for your son. The meaning of this name is a young lion. And we all know the king of the jungle stands for bravery. So name your braveheart kid Lionel and feel like a proud father. Lionel Messi and Lionel Richie are the best examples. 

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