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List of Best Internets to Work from Home in COVID 19

The Internet has been the elixir of life in our current landscape. It is such a revolutionary technology that has benefited mankind in a lot of ways. This is because the internet is extremely adaptable which has allowed it to seamlessly integrate into various walks of life. From the entertainment front to work-related fields internet has become a major part of all of these day-to-day workings. Especially after the COVID 19, we have seen that the internet has taken the center stage out of all of the technologies which are present today. As the internet was the sole collaborator on which the whole infrastructure of the world was depending upon. On the work front, we see trends like work from home, virtual conferences, collaborative working, and long-distance communication all of which have their foundations on the internet.

On the entertainment front, we saw multiplayer gaming and the rise of online streaming platforms that took over a major chunk of the entertainment and movie industry during the closure of cinemas and are now racing towards overcoming the traditional cable TV. This has all been possible only because of the internet which is the sole technology behind all these and many other activities that most users perform in their day-to-day lives. The popularity of the internet can be attributed to some other key factors as well including its cost and availability, something which any regular user can observe by checking out Spectrum bundle deals. Technological advancements have significantly reduced the cost of the internet and have allowed the internet infrastructure to spread to vast areas. Now the current internet user base stands at almost 4.66 Billion users which is almost half of the world’s population in retrospect, this is the importance of the internet today.

Internet during the Pandemic

The Internet has been immensely helpful and useful during the pandemic since the virus was contagious and spread from person to person. This forced governments and health agencies to prohibit physical interaction between people and the most obvious quarantine protocol was to shut down all places with a high number of people in close vicinities. This resulted in the closure of offices, companies, factories, cafes, restaurants, schools, cinemas, and many other places. Due to this closure, most of the population was on the edge of unemployment, businesses were closed or were almost on the brink of bankruptcy, education of students was greatly affected. However, in dire times like these, the internet came as a savior and took the responsibility for all these major activities. Offices were moved online and we saw the global trend of work from home which saved countless people from unemployment, industries like food business were also transcend completely online through over the internet delivery portals and the education activities continued through online classes.

Since all these activities were being conducted online a good internet connection became a necessity just like food and water. Since people’s jobs and educations were dependent on the internet and the world was going through an economic recession in the wake of this situation many governments started giving grants to certain qualified users to allow them to remain connected to such an essential service like the internet. On the other hand, many service providers also stepped up and provided discounts and special offers so more and more people can subscribe to the internet. And just when everything was looking hopeless it was the internet that became the ultimate salvation for mankind in times like these. And now when things are starting to get normal there are trends like work from home that are here to stay.

Best Internet Packages to Work from Home

As we have already established the importance of the internet in the current situation and how most of our life depends on it, this makes selecting the right internet all the more important. We are living in an age where working from home is the new normal and this is an activity which is solely done over the internet so in a way it is safe to say that many people’s bread and butter depends on a good and stable internet connection. This is precisely why we have written this piece to educate our readers about some of the best internet connections that users can utilize to have a seamless work from home experience during this pandemic.

Spectrum Internet Gig

Whenever there is a talk of good internet providers Spectrum is one company that is always included in that list, this is because it is one of the most positively reviewed Internet service providers, and rightly so. Spectrum is the second biggest ISP in the USA and offers a wide range of flexible high-speed internet plans for its customers. The plan we have today is the Spectrum Gig internet the highest speed offered by spectrum to residential customers in this package users not only get super-fast high-speed internet up to 940Mbps but that too with unlimited data, free modem, and access to a nationwide network of hotspots for a seamless work from home experience and internet connection which you can readily access on the go as well. All this without any kind of contract or commitment.

Xfinity Gigabit Internet

Xfinity is the company that takes the cake for being the biggest internet provider in the USA and there are quite a few substantial reasons behind that, the most common one being the huge coverage area. Xfinity powered by Comcast has the widest coverage area and covers almost every part of the United States with its superior internet. Plus they have speeds even more than 1000Mbps that is exactly what their Gigabit internet plans are all about. Xfinity promises up to 1200Mbps speed with their Gig plan and this is not all they also have a 3000Mbps plan as well for selected residential areas. This is arguably the highest speed tier offered by any service provider to their residential customers. This means that not only one but multiple users can use this internet to work from home or do activities like streaming and gaming simultaneously without any problems.

Cox Gigablast

Coming at number 3 is Cox communication another reputed service provider that offers high-speed internet services. The highest tier internet from Cox is their Gigablast plan that offers users with 940Mbps speed. The best thing about Cox is that there is less latency and stable speeds which makes it a viable option to utilize while working from home. Although some drawbacks are the limited data of 1.25TB per month and the contract that comes with it. However, by paying a bit extra you can get unlimited data and without any contracts plus in some regions, Cox also offers their wireless gateway included with the Gig internet.

Summing Up

A good internet connection has become the need of the hour considering various important activities like work from home being done over the internet. Since countless providers are offering different types of internet connections in the country, this makes it difficult for users to make the right choice. This is why we have created this list and provided some of the best internet options coming from reputed ISPs which users can use to do their important tasks like working from home without any issues.

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