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SEO Mistakes You Need To Know For Your Small Business

Many small business owners fail miserably to implement a profitable SEO strategy for their businesses’ websites. They exclude experts and find themselves running into common SEO mistakes they should have avoided to cut costs. We’ll highlight the common SEO mistakes you need to know to prevent your business site from becoming a victim.

With that said, the ideal would be to work with an SEO expert to help you with these problems effortlessly and develop a long-term SEO strategy. Should your business need to hire or consult experts and you need a financing boost, it’s worth reaching out to fintech lenders like Camino Financial, who offer small business loans for such noble operations.

Understanding Why SEO Is Important

SEO matters to your business because it makes you visible to your target market. When a potential customer goes online to search for your products or services, they use search terms that return responses with sites that offer to solve their problem. Customers tend to trust search results that rank higher.

SEO helps your site rank higher when clients search for your products and services online. This gives your site prominence online and attracts more customers, thereby growing sales and brand awareness.

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Principal SEO Mistakes In Small Business Sites

1.   Failure to define the target audience

Inadequate information on the ideal audience that your business is targeting may lead to poor SEO practices that are ineffective. When you’re unable to describe the buying persona adequately, you end up with an SEO strategy that’s too blunt to pick them out when they search.

Proper target audience research ought to unveil your audience regarding the solutions they seek, their preferences, their challenges, and so forth.

2.   Vague SEO goals

The mistake many small businesses make is implementing an SEO campaign without specific goals. That reason is that since SEO will drive traffic to my site, there will be automatic growth in sales. While this is likely, it is not always the case.

That’s why SEO goals need to be clear so your business can focus on achieving those results. Do you want to increase organic traffic, generate more leads, increase conversion rates, or increase sales?

Without clear goals, you’ll end up with meaningless data. Focus on what you want and work at it. If your site indicates that the conversion rate is below expectation, improve your landing page.

3.   Content that’s not updated

Google emphasizes relevant content and is up to date. A website will elicit interest if it’s regularly refreshed with current content. A site that has regularly updated blog posts, online polls, podcasts, and live streaming videos, draws in searchers.

When a site is dormant with stale content, user interest degenerates rapidly, ranking lower on searches. A site that’s resourceful and keeps visitors consistently engaged ranks better.

4.   Poor choice of keywords

The choice of keywords is a dynamic exercise that SEO experts need to stay updated on. By conducting keyword research, you can settle on relevant keywords that reflect the user’s search intent. You need to be careful not to merely settle on popular keywords but on those that most likely reflect the user’s intent.

The appropriate choice of keywords is an added reason for small business owners to hire SEO experts to help with their site’s SEO. By going for small business loans from financiers, small business owners can afford to hire SEO experts.

5.   Disregarding mobile responsiveness

You’re missing out by a lot if your website is not mobile-friendly. Nearly half of all online traffic is from mobile devices. Google exercises some bias towards mobile-friendly websites.

And no, you don’t need to design a separate website for your customers on smartphones. All you need is a responsive website design that loads fast on mobile devices. The website adapts to various devices in terms of layout and clarity of features on the site.

6.   Neglecting link building

We all want visitors to stay on our page and not drift away. This is why many SEO-optimized have numerous internal links that allow you to explore the site’s diverse content and possibly purchase one of the products.

However, links to other authority sites help to establish the authenticity of a site. Invite other complementary businesses to guest post on your site and make backlinks to other sites also. All those factors carry some weight in helping rank a page.

Finding Mistakes With SEO Audit

Website audits help unearth technical issues that may be costing your website ranking. We look at some of the most common issues that SEO audits reveal on websites.

  • Broken or missing links
  • Shallow content on a page
  • Duplicated information on various pages
  • A website with slow loading pages
  • Missing page titles and meta description
  • Sites without a sitemap in your robots.txt


Small business owners need to appreciate the value of an SEO-optimized website. Working with SEO experts is the best option to avoid making the most common SEO mistakes many small business websites make. Reach out to lenders for small business loans if you need help rope in SEO experts and optimize your website.

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