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Mobile Digital Billboard

A Mobile Digital Billboard is also called a Digital Billboard Truck. A mobile digital billboard is a device used for marketing or advertising your service or product on the sides of a trailer or mobile truck. Mobile digital billboards are a type of transform media, airport/mall advertising, and static billboards fall in this same list. Using a mobile digital billboard for the ad is a marketing slot considered as mobile outdoor marketing.

Mobile digital billboards are mostly comprised of customized LED trucks with huge displays to display ads. Some of these steadfast units provide features like illumination, external sound systems, mobile digital billboard trucks that have become very famous, but the most accomplished in terms of getting disclosure are fixed-mobile billboards. These fixed-mobile billboards do not share ad space.

Mobile digital billboard advertising is considered to be the most affordable way to display your brands’ ad on trailers and trucks that deliver goods.  Several companies use these digital billboard trucks for product launches, parades, furniture displays, and quick alertness creation. The box-type trucks with panels surrounding the cargo area can be turned into digital mobile 3D billboards, which also allow you to place your ad inside the boxes for display.

digital billboard

Human walking and small-engine scooter billboards are used for micro marketing campaigns. This of the campaign is considered direct to consumer marketing and experiential marketing.  This kind of advertisement has become very successful for businesses in Chicago, Illinois.

In recent years, the mobile digital billboards advertising approach has taken the advertising process to a new level. But now, with the latest ILUM’s and advanced LED technology, the mobile billboard platforms have demonstrated that led mobile billboards and scrolling mobile billboard trucks are both effective devices for out-of-home business advertising.  The led mobile billboard features a captivating and impactful design that makes the customer get attracted to the ad easily. Mobile billboards are now the best advertising solution for both large and small businesses.

How do Mobile Billboards work?

Mobile billboards are considered to be the best approach to advertise your brand, as this out-of-home advertisement option reaches every nook and corner as the ads are displayed on vehicles and trucks. This marketing approach is often considered a kind of guerrilla marketing. In mobile billboard advertisement, the brand or the product will be printed on vinyl posters displayed on electronic screens to customers along focused traffic routes.  Sometimes, the display trucks are placed at busy intersections or out of major events.

Mobile billboards bring product awareness or services to people, and several mobile billboards are arranged technologies to enhance value and publicity for the client and their business. You can understand the fundamentals of mobile billboards, but you should also know what the details are.  If you look at the mobile billboard advertising strategy, it works to get flawless results for businesses, and the most constrictive reactions from viewers.

How Mobile Billboards Bring Results?

Mobile billboards are a more efficient out-of-home advertising approach compared to other advertising methods. Mobile billboards provide efficient methods to promote service or brand. Mobile billboards are the best option if you know exactly from which area you can get a particular group of customers at the right time, as it captures with its methodical advertising approach.  A normal poster or billboard ads are not as prominent as mobile billboards. In general, people are not used to seeing ads on wheels, and on the street, people get distracted by various other hum-bungs on the streets.

The mobile billboard advertising method is unique and it doesn’t have a lot of opposition, which further makes this approach more reliable in providing solid results. Banners or billboards placed on big buildings in shopping malls face more fights and constellations for ad space, however, mobile billboards are vehicles that are assured to show up in an outdoor space.  Most of the time, people will not pay proper attention to other out-of-home ads due to no mobility, but mobile billboards are sure to attract them wherever they go.

The best thing about mobile billboards advertisements is that they cannot be turned off, and the consumers cannot escape notice as they travel with them. As per the OA (Outdoor Advertising) magazine survey report, around 96-percent of people believe mobile ads were more efficient and effective compared to traditional outdoor ads. Also, the study conducted by Arbitron National Car, trailer and truck billboard ads get up to 97-percent retaining rate and 68-percent of customers make decisions to buy the product while driving in their vehicles.  These statistics prove that mobile billboards deliver the best and greater results to businesses.


Mobile billboard ads are one of the latest and best forms of advertising approach. This approach makes it exclusive and noticeable as it provides better revoke and more suppleness than old-fashioned billboard advertising.  According to a popular magazine, outdoor mobile billboards can bring a high recall rate. These results prove that digital mobile billboards are a better option than conventional outdoor advertising.


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