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What Does FFF Mean on Instagram? Why and How to Use It?

You might have a habit of using tons of abbreviations, slangs and jargons during your instant messaging routine with your friends, loved ones and colleagues.

However, when you start using Instagram you realize that there are tons of acronyms being used that you don’t even know the meanings of. It’s simply for the fact that most Instagram users have now invented their own abbreviations by shortening the long sentences into three to four words.

Instagram and Acronyms:

Some of the most common acronyms that you will come across are as follows: TBT(Throwback Thursday), TBH (To be honest), FYI (For your information), HBD (Happy Birthday),  IMHO (In my honest opinion),  IRL (In real life),  ICYMI( In case you missed it), HMU (Hit me up), HMB (Hit me back),  HIFW ( How I feel when ), BTW (By the way), and FTFY (Fix that for you). The list goes on and on.

There has been a new acronym popping up in almost every post and story of famous celebrity, artist and fashion influencer and it is “FFF”. If you are not to used to reading, writing and using too many abbreviations on social networks you might wonder sometimes as what they are. FFF is one of the most common abbreviation used for “Follow for Follow”, it’s like if you want me to follow your story or post you have to return the favor by doing it back.

Benefits of Using Acronym on Instagram:

We all hate to write long and lengthy text messages, because brief conversation is better than a  long one, isn’t it? Especially when you use your phone you try to write short sentences even when autocorrect and auto typing is turned on. So whenever you communicate with your friend on IM or write a comment on someone’s post, you can cut the chase out by writing short text.

Short messages are also easy to read as well by the users. Therefore, you may try using an abbreviation instead of writing a full three worded sentence. Such as when you are to write in my brutally honest opinion in a message you can short it out by using only IMBHO. It will save you a couple of seconds in writing all five words in their full form.

What Does FFF Mean on Instagram?

I must tell you that Instagram has become one of the most popular networks for using slangs and short terms, particularly in the recent months.  Among many popular abbreviations the most common and most used one is FFF and it means follow for follow on Instagram. Whenever FFF is used either on a story or post, it indicates that the user is willing to grow audience with mutual effort.

For instance if you have three million followers and fans on your Instagram account and you feel like growing your audience by collaborating with someone else. What you can do is ask them if they will promote your post on their page without charging you anything else.

This way you may be able to attract more audience from a different page and direct it towards your products and services. However, in order to acquire such a huge favor you need to do the same for the person, you must promote their post or video on your page and give a shoutout about it to your 3 million followers.

Just like doing joint ventures and collaborations for amplifying the growth of business you can follow other people just to show your support towards their work. But when you come across any page where FFF is mentioned then it usually means that you can follow me on Instagram, I will support you in return by following you back.

This has become a massive way for many people to follow each on Instagram. It does not matter what your page is about, it could be about makeup, games, movies, and series or anything else, all that’d matter is you get a follower just because you have followed someone. In other words, your follower is the one you are following yourself as well. It’s a give and take kind of trend on Instagram that’s making a big buzz.

How to Use FFF on Instagram?

You can use it in your captions of all the Instagram posts just to let your visitors know that you are ready to follow them back if they follow you. You can use your story and type three words FFF to make everyone aware that you will be following anyone back if they choose to follow you.

Unfortunately there are no versatile stickers or GIFs available on Instagram that could help you make your posts on Instagram stories more attractive. All you have to do is type this acronym as of now but it works magically. As soon as you use it in a post that drives organic visitors you start having instant followers easily. I must say that it’s a quick way of establishing your personal or business identity on Instagram without using any sort of third party promotional services.

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