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How To Spot The Differences Between The Dermatologist And The Esthetician

Our skin matters, and it is the epitome and reflection of our beauty, and it’s just right to provide it with the care it always deserves. Numerous companies make skincare products to achieve gleaning, fresh, and younger-looking skin, which is not new to Thai people. Some procedures can be done by yourself, but to get the best and optimal results, a skin clinic in Thailand is the best way to go.

According to the HKTDC Research 2021 survey, 1,004 Thai respondents aged 18-60 intended to spend more on skincare products and cosmetics treatments through 2023. The remaining 18% opted for the other approach, settling for a lower wage. The driving factor behind the outcome, as mentioned earlier, is social media, which has paved the path for customers to identify new target categories.

Such results helped skincare clinics in Thailand be in great demand. However, there might be a series of confusions as to whom shall be asked: is it the dermatologist or the esthetician? A wise customer must always see through the differences of professional cosmetic practitioners to ensure you get the perfect treatment for specific skin conditions.

How To Spot The Differences Between The Dermatologist And The Esthetician


Dermatologists concentrate on three important bodily parts: skin, hair, and nails, and they provide excellent treatment to people of all ages. There are almost 3,000 diseases listed under these physical parts, including psoriasis, skin cancer, eczema, and many more.


There are three myriads of works that dermatologists do. Let’s take a look below.

  1. MEDICAL. Dermatologists are trained to identify, diagnose, and treat skin problems. Acne, psoriasis, or rosacea can all cause it. When you experience discomfort and irritation on your skin, it might be a sign of an underlying organ condition, such as liver or kidney disease.
  2. SURGERY. Patients with visible, large moles or warts are a minor surgery task for a dermatologist to remove. They can also perform major surgeries, such as patients having enlarged cysts and even skin cancer.
  3. COSMETIC. Since skin matters most for dermatologists, they work on issues that deter their patients from looking good. They do treatments for hair loss, wrinkles, or dark spots, and other therapies include fillers and laser hair removal.


To determine whether you need a dermatologist on a particular condition, you will consider asking from them:

  • If there are visible rashes and irritations;
  • If you have the worst acne, that never goes off with your treatments;
  • If you have psoriasis, rosacea, and skin infections;
  • If you need Botox or laser hair removal;
  • If you require a skin exam for a particular purpose; and
  • If you want to remove dark spots, warts, moles, or birthmarks.


Unlike dermatologists, an esthetician deals more with beautification processes. Such as skin treatments on facial chemical peels and waxing. Most of their procedures are non-invasive while achieving that youthful look.

From the word ‘aesthetics,’ you already have an idea that beauty is their primary goal. Estheticians are not allowed to make a diagnosis about specific skin ailments. If you have irritation marks, an esthetician cannot determine nor find ways to treat them.


To give you an appropriate glimpse of what an esthetician does, they often work in salons, skin spas, or medi-spas. Sometimes dermatologists require estheticians in their offices to give additional assistance because some of their duties are complimentary. Take a look at the factors provided below for some of the various occupations that an esthetician may have:

  1. FACIALS. They provide face exfoliation, mask, moisturizer, steam, and thorough cleaning, as well as arm and shoulder massage. Some of them give a one-of-a-kind approach to such treatment.
  2. EXTRACTIONS — Estheticians extract stubborn black and whiteheads, dead skin cells, and excess oils from your facial pores.
  3. ACNE SOLUTIONS – If you have acne outbreaks, an esthetician is also the perfect option. But if things go worse, it’s better to seek medical attention from dermatologists for better treatment.
  4. MASKS AND SCRUBS – Estheticians pay attention to the complete body, not just the face. They provide exfoliation treatments from head to toe using a suitable scrub component. As a consequence, you’ll have baby-soft and brighter skin.
  5. 5. HAIR REMOVAL — Threading, waxing, laser, and tweezing—-all of these can be done by an esthetician, even in regions where hair grows ‘down there.’
  6. MAKEUP – You’ll require an esthetician for a big event such as a wedding or prom. When you book them, they have makeup kits waiting for you, and there is no need to bring your cosmetic supplies.


Never be confused and mixed up with the tasks and obligations of an esthetician. You only need their services:

  • If you have manageable acne problems;
  • If you prefer having moisturized and exfoliated skin from head to toe;
  • If a typical hair removal session is what you need;
  • If you want a soothing massage; and
  • If you like to do a cleansing procedure to get a fresh feel and look on your face.

A dermatologist prioritizes skin health, while an esthetician deals more with beauty concerns. That’s the main difference between the two. All dermatologists are estheticians, but not all estheticians are dermatologists. What beauty guru would you prefer to have now that you understand their differences? Dermatologist? Esthetician? Or perhaps both? Whatever the case may be, the ideal option is to choose the best skin clinic in Bangkok since they are well-known for providing excellent service outcomes.

If you’re looking for a reputable dermatologist and esthetician service, FaceXercise clinic in Thailand is right around the corner. We are one of Thailand’s most recognized skin clinics, with a team of certified and seasoned beauty professionals dedicated to assisting you in achieving that excellent, ideal outcome with the help of our next-generation treatments for an attractive, young you.

Make a reservation now, and let’s talk about your skin’s wants and needs. You can visit us at or call us at 098-271-2744.

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