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Hiring software developers in Ukraine: why might this become your life’s best decision?

Hiring costs and talent scarcity pose major challenges to IT companies when it comes to hiring software developers. After COVID-19, companies are particularly facing obstacles in finding the right talent for their projects. So how are top IT companies in the world resolving this problem?

The answer is outsourcing! Companies have started to outsource their projects to remote developers located in well-rounded countries like Ukraine! As one of the top IT export markets in the market, Ukraine is a popular place for outsourcing IT projects. With the increasing number of IT specialists in the country, you can easily find a Ukrainian software developer and get your project done efficiently. Let’s discuss this more in detail.

Why Find a Ukrainian Software Developer to Hire?

Ukraine is the top European country when it comes to the number of IT students who graduate every year. According to the estimates of ProCoders, as mentioned in this article, companies hire software developers in Ukraine because there is a lot of IT talent available, with more than 250,000 software developers alone in 2021.

Tech companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Samsung already have established R&D bases in the country. The country itself has more than 1,500 tech companies. Accordingly, the statistics themselves prove that there is a lot of potential in Ukraine when it comes to software development.

Benefits of Hiring Ukrainian Software Developers

Here are some of the reasons why companies prefer to hire Ukrainian software developers:

  • Ukraine has a wide talent pool of hundreds and thousands of IT experts available in the country.
  • People in Ukraine are fluent English speakers, which makes it easy for Ukrainian developers to work on international projects.
  • The Ukrainian government has established a growth-oriented and positive business environment with measures such as simplified tax laws, investment opportunities, and relaxed regulations.
  • Companies can hire software development teams in Ukraine at competitive rates. The rates are not particularly cheap, but they are still affordable compared to Western countries.
  • Ukraine has a strategic location since it is centrally located and near to many countries. Although traveling to Ukraine is difficult now, Ukraine still has a primary location in Europe.
  • Ukraine organizes numerous IT events, hackathons, conferences, and workshops annually to support the local talent stay at par with the changes in the IT industry.

How can you Hire Software Engineers in Ukraine?

Now comes the main question – how to find a good software developer in Ukraine? There are a ton of ways to do so:

1. Outstaffing

Using an outstaffing model, companies take the help of an outstaffing company to hire remote programmers and developers to work on projects. In this way, companies can hire development teams flexibly and reduce their hiring costs. Outstaffing works for companies who already have in-house development teams but are looking to temporarily hire more developers.

2. Outsourcing

Outsourcing is similar to outstaffing, but in outsourcing, companies give the entire project to agencies to handle. Outsourcing agencies hire their own developers, engineers, and project managers to complete the project. In this way, outsourcing is beneficial for those companies that don’t have in-house tech expertise.

3. Freelancers

Companies that have a small project or a small task as part of an ongoing project can hire freelancers to complete them. There are tons of online portals and platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, where companies can post their jobs and hire freelancers from Ukraine. The best part of hiring freelancers is that you can access talent in a quick manner and hire independent workers.

4. Recruitment Agency

A recruitment agency helps companies source talents according to their specifications and needs. The agency has a pool of talent available. Working with recruitment agencies works best for companies who want to streamline their hiring process and hire individuals quickly.

Final Takeaway

So if you have a project that requires an expert eye and talent, then it’s time to find a Ukrainian software developer for your project. By hiring a Ukrainian software developer, you can reduce your hiring costs, get expert support for your projects, and complete the project in a quick and efficient manner. Plus, there’s no scarcity of IT talent in Ukraine.

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