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Essential Tips for Choosing Stylish Accessories

Accessories can make or break an outfit if not chosen correctly. Watches, earrings, purses, necklaces, rings, etc., are all essentials for tying a look together. However, every accessory has a purpose, and each is worn in its unique way. Though it sometimes does not matter what color accessories you choose, how and when you wear them is important. You can’t show up wearing bling to a formal business event. Nor can you layer up every necklace you have just because you are wearing a strapless. Your outfit can speak for itself when you accessorize stylishly and attractively. If you want to know how to achieve a perfect look with stylish accessories? Then keep on reading!

Don’t Always Go for Matching

Matching isn’t a thing anymore. Fashion is now all about making a statement and adopting a unique style that resonates with your personality. Accessories like necklaces, purses, shoes, or even your earrings don’t need to match your outfit or themselves. You may choose contrast and neutral tones, which work with every outfit. You can also go for bright colors which elevate a subtle outfit. For instance, a fun belt, statement jewelry, and even a headpiece can bring vibrancy and add color to both complex and light outfits. Are you going for heavy ruby earrings? Pair it with a delicate gold necklace and beige handbag.

Accessories are also a part of men’s designer clothing essentials as they can complete any attire. Those who want to play on the safe side can opt for solid metal and chain bracelets and necklaces. These accessories are a perfect addition to your casual and formal outfits. You can also go for colorful beaded bracelets and necklaces if you feel adventurous and experimental. Amazingly, they fit in both casual and formal styles. Male celebrities like David Beckham, A$AP Rocky, and Zayn Malik have rocked the beaded accessories at various events!

Essential Tips for Choosing Stylish Accessories

Layer Your Accessories

Layering is one of the smartest ways to accessorize for a perfect look. For instance, instead of going for one or two chunky rings, try delicate rings with mix and match patterns and shapes. Are you running out of fresh ring designs? Check out brands like Dreamland Jewelry’s rings for women for the trendiest designs this season. Apart from the rings, necklaces and bracelets are such accessories that go well when used in layered. For example, you can wear a chunky choker on an off-the-shoulder dress and layer it up with a long thin chain. The advice also goes for when you are layering accessories according to the outfit. If you wear a large collar, try a light kerchief or your favorite statement necklace instead of hiding it with a chunky scarf.

Consider the Shape of Your Face

Accessories that go on your face should complement its shape. Earrings and hats are the most common accessories which draw attention to your face. Therefore, you don’t want your face to look unproportioned because of wrong-shaped earrings. For instance, square faces have sharp edges, and you need to soften them. Therefore, you may wear medium to long oval-shaped earrings, such as drop earrings or oval-shaped hoops. Round faces look gorgeous with dangly earrings, especially sparkling chandelier earrings. Oval faces can enjoy almost all types of hat styles and earrings. If you have a heart-shaped face, try sun hats, baseball caps, wide brims, and fedoras.

Balance the Proportions

Wearing right-sized jewelry that doesn’t overwhelm your physique or dress is very important. Your accessories shouldn’t either be too big or too small, but proportional enough to complement whatever you are pairing with them. The accessories like dramatic jewelry or purses can sometimes look glamorous, but the consensus is to balance big pieces with smaller ones. For instance, if you are going with a heavy handbag, ensure that rest of the accessories like shoes, earrings, hat, and even necklace are average-sized. You shouldn’t wear more than three large-sized accessories with your outfits. You can rock a beautiful collar necklace with a spaghetti strap dress. Use medium-sized earrings, a small clutch, and a statement bracelet with one or two rings. Similarly, you can choose to show off your huge engagement ring at a luxurious party. However, you can balance it with a matinee necklace and cluster earrings.

Think About Color and Theme

As discussed before, wearing matching accessories is an outdated style. When we choose colors and themes for accessories, we refer to the colors that enhance your look. For instance, you don’t need to wear red jewelry if you are going in a hot red dress. Primary colors like white, silver, gold, champagne and even pearl would look magnificent, followed by bright red lips. Wear the primary and secondary colors in contrast because they balance the proportion of lightness and darkness. The color contrast adds elegance to your outfit. Neutral clothing would look great with multicolored accessories, such as a cluster of bracelets or bright-colored shoes.

Accessorize According to Your Neckline

Consider size and shape of your neckline when choosing accessories like neckpieces. You may select a necklace that’s shorter than your neckline or long enough to sit on your outfit. Let’s start with one-shoulder or halter-necks, which usually don’t require a necklace, but you may wear narrower and delicate pendants or a choker to compliment your neck. You can’t avoid turtlenecks during winter, but how to accessorize them? For the turtlenecks, we recommend going for long or medium-length opera-style necklaces or chains that sit elegantly on top of your outfit. You can pair these with mid-length drop earrings as well. If you wear an off-the-shoulder LBD, don’t overcrowd it. Try asymmetric necklaces such as shorter pendants or a stone-studded necklace.

Avoid Over-Accessorizing

Wearing every piece of jewelry you own isn’t going to do much for your entire look. Remember, fashion isn’t about showing off what you own but flaunting your style in a way that reflects your personality. Therefore, don’t wear more than three to four accessories if you don’t want to seem like a bling trophy. Your outfit needs to be the star of the show while one or two of your accessories can join the limelight. You can pair a chunky designer bag with subtle flats, a short pendant, and some studs. Want to show off your gigantic princess necklace? Compliment it with delicate ear climbers and a silver ring.


Accessories are every lady’s best friend. Without a gorgeous pair of earrings or a silk scarf, an outfit doesn’t look good. The accessories bring out the best of your outfit and style without trying too much. They are natural attention-grabbers, so you need to wear them in style. Always consider your body type, face shape, and neckline before settling on your go-to accessories for every occasion. Be subtle if you will wear more than three accessories, and don’t be afraid to experiment with your statement pieces.

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