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How To Get Static Out Of Clothes In The Most Effective Way?

Static does ruin the looks of your clothes, and this is a fact. Most of us have at least one piece of clothing that we are ashamed to wear outside because of the static that makes it cling to our bodies. Most of us do not know what exactly causes static in clothes, which is one of the major reasons why we cannot prevent that from occurring. But that stops today. We will dive deep into the causes behind static in clothes and the effective ways to get them out of the clothes as well.

What exactly causes static to build up in clothes?

As clothes are put in a dryer (especially the tumble dryer), there is a high chance for the electrostatic charge to build up as the clothes rub together. The clothes are basically made of atoms, which have both electrons that are negatively charged, and protons that are positively charged. As the clothes rub against each other, the electrons jump to the surface with a more positive charge, leaving the clothes charged. Static cling is created here, and this can get severe during the dry months of the year.

Is there any way to prevent static build-up?

Preventing a static build-up to take place in your clothes is always better than looking for ways to get rid of them. Below listed are some effective tips to prevent your clothes from getting all clingy and disoriented:

Go for natural fibers

Clothes made of synthetic fibers are highly susceptible to static buildup. They get dry pretty quickly, which makes it even easier for them to get charged. Clothes made of natural fibers can retain moisture more than synthetic ones, making them less prone to static buildup.

Get Static Out Of Clothes In The Most Effective Way

Dryer balls to the rescue

Dryer balls made of wool can help in reducing the static build-up inside the dryer and also help in speeding up the drying process. This may sound conflicting but is indeed quite easy to understand. The dryer balls absorb the moisture coming out of the clothes as they dry, and help maintain the overall moisture inside the dryer.

Humidity is key

Static charges build up as the atmosphere inside the dryer gets dry. So, the logical way to prevent this is to keep the environment as humid as possible, but not so much that it prevents the proper drying of the clothes. You can stop the dryer before the clothes get too dry and you can air dry them later.

Keep the fabrics separate

As discussed before, synthetic clothes easily build up a static charge as opposed to more natural fibers. Because of this reason, it is always beneficial to separate synthetic clothes from others. The synthetic clothes need not be put in the dryer to get them completely dry.

Air dry the clothes

As the clothes tumble away inside the dryer, their chances of being static also increase. This is why air drying your clothes is the perfect way to make sure that your clothes never become static. This also saves you money and energy in the long run!

Top 5 ways to get rid of static from clothes

If you already have a set of clothes that are static, then you may use either one or all of the below-given steps to get rid of the static from clothes:

Keep a static reducing spray handy

This point is pretty self-explanatory. The spray that is specifically made to get rid of the static build-up in your clothes, can come to your rescue when nothing else seems to work. So, maybe carry a bottle of the same in your bag, for emergencies.

A wire hanger can be of help to you

Use a wire hanger and run your synthetic clothes (and any other cloth with static buildup) through it. This helps in transferring some of the excess charges to the surface of the wire hanger.

Keep your skin properly moisturized

Dryness can be your biggest enemy when it comes to static buildup. If your clothes get too clingy, it might be because of your dry skin too. So, keep your body well moisturized so that the clothes do not cling too much to you.

Rub your cloth with a damp towel

If nothing works, try rubbing your cloth with a damp towel in the area where the most static buildup seems to happen. You can also spray some water or hairspray on the clothes as well.


Static buildup can be quite the menace if you do not have the right tools to take care of the issue. The same can occur for your upholstery as well. You can seek the help of expert upholstery cleaners to tackle the problem easily, as getting rid of static from upholstery requires a whole different league of cleaning techniques and tools.

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