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Moving Office During The COVID-19. A Good Idea or Not Really?

The collective measures taken to limit the spread of novel coronavirus have affected almost every aspect of our lives. While several activities are on hold, many people are still choosing to move across the country. Businesses are either expanding or downsizing. Both of which call for an office move.

Whatever the reason may be, if you are planning to move during these turbulent times, you have to take every possible precautionary measure. Many of the previous practices have become obsolete these days. Some may even question “Is it safe to move during COVID-19?”. Highfive List has compiled the following tips to keep your office move safe.

Get In Touch With A Reliable Moving Company

Make a schedule and decide on a date to move your office. You must give enough time to yourself and your workforce to prepare for the move. Once you are done with all the legal work to enable office move, search for a reliable moving company operating in your area.

While it’s imperative to verify the legal compliance of the company and check its reputation, don’t forget to ask about its safety protocols. Discuss what they have in place to limit the spread of the virus and their safety steps to enforce those measures.

As guidelines differ by city and state, keep yourself updated about the latest changes in regulations. The best moving companies will provide you complete details on how they plan to ensure the safety of their clients and workers.

Request Virtual Moving Estimates

Inviting a team of strangers at your office to provide moving estimates is not a great idea these days. Even if you invite them over the weekend, there are chances of virus transmission.

The safest way is to request virtual moving estimates. Getting accurate moving estimates for an office is tricky but the best companies are prepared well to offer reliable estimates. Whether you use a dedicated application or use simple video call features for a virtual meeting, a company representative will survey your office. Interactive virtual surveys are much more effective for accurate estimates.

Purchase All Of The Moving Supplies At One Time

You should purchase all of your packing supplies at one time to limit your exposure to the coronavirus. The shopping trips should be as infrequent as possible. When it’s time to pack your stuff, plan a quick trip for shopping. Make you are wearing a face mask and maintain social distancing during shopping.

Buy all that you need a little more because being over-prepared is better than the other way round. That extra roll of tape can save you from an additional shopping trip!

Studies suggest that coronavirus can stay on cardboard surfaces for as long as 24 hours. Thus, it is best to get done with packing a complete day before the moving day.

Designate A Point Person From Your Workforce

An office move can be overwhelming, especially when there is an IT setup to be relocated. Delegate the work to different team members but designate a point person for the moving day. That person will only interact with the moving team to minimize the physical contact between different people. If possible, supervise the loading and unloading of your office stuff through CCTV cameras.

Sanitize Your Office

An office is used by several people at one time and hence there are several highly used touchpoints like doorknobs, countertops, handles, and electronics. It is recommended to clean and disinfect all such surfaces with EPA-approved disinfectants the day before the move. Provide a safe environment to the moving crew.

The moving company must ensure that the crew should be equipped be personal safety equipment and sanitization supplies. Keep additional paper towels, soaps, and sanitizers and keep reminding everyone to maintain a safe distance.

Follow Safety SOPs

Moving day should be no different than other days when it comes to following safety SOPs. Protect yourself by washing your hands diligently with water and soap for more than 20 seconds. Remain at least six feet apart from everyone during the move.

If you notice that the crew members are not following safety protocols, immediately contact the customer services or the focal person of the team to make necessary corrections.

Be Patient

Moving is chaotic even in the best of circumstances but it has gotten even more stressful during the pandemic. If things seem to take a bit longer than you expected, be patient, give yourself and the moving team a break. Be prepared for any number of unseen circumstances. And don’t forget to sanitize your new office before settling in.


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