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Grant Cardone Net Worth, How Much Is Grant Cardone Worth

Grant Cardone is one of the affluent personalities. He is into diverse fields including business, finance, real estate, and social media. But besides this, he is also a sales trainer professionally and motivational speaker on leadership. 

Other than these profiles, Grant is also a writer who has penned down 8 books based on business. He operates more than twelve programs of business. Grant is even the chief executive officer of seven private companies. 

You might have come across several inspirational stories of people. Grant Cardone is one of them. He is known to be the person who speaks his thoughts bluntly. This is why sometimes he is wrongly judged. 

Personal Details 

Full Name:Grant Cardone
Stage Name:Grant Cardone
Birthday:21st March 1958
Place Of Origin:Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States
Age:63 years old
Height:1.75 m
Weight:77 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse:Elena Lyons
Profession:Investor, Motivational speaker, Real estate entrepreneur, Radio personality
Total Net Worth:$350 million

How Much Is Grant Cardone Worth

Early Life

Grant was born in 1958 in Louisiana in March. Grant is among the five children born to deceased parents Louis and Concetta. Grant did his schooling from a reputed high school in a city in Louisiana. He completed his graduation from McNeese State University. The motivational speaker even got awarded with Distinguished Alumnus eleven years ago. 

Personal Life

Grant has been married to Elena since 2004. They form a perfect couple example be it in real or onscreen. Grant is the father of two daughters Sabrina and Scarlett. 


After passing out from college, Grant never opted to go for an accounting job. In 1987, he went to Chicago and worked in a sales company. Grant journeyed to various destinations in the United States. He resided for certain years in Texas and California, until his final settlement in Los Angeles. 

At a very young age of 25, Grant became used to drug usage. He was even sent to a rehab center. After leaving it within five years, Grant became a millionaire. Grant started earning when he was employed in an automobile sales company and became the chief executive officer of Freedom Motorsports Group Inc.

There was a reality show called Turnaround King. It aired in the year 2011 on National Geographic. The credit for the development of this show goes to Grant Cardone. Grant Cardone is a successful entrepreneur with companies to his name including The Cardone Group. These are helpful in salesmen training regarding car dealings. 

Apart from running businesses, Grant is also an author. He has penned down various books that came in the list of bestsellers of The New York Times. His authored books became a big hit on a big online shopping platform Amazon. Further moving on to his talent, both Grant and his wife did appear in a web series. It was a self-produced initiative.

Witnessing the success of Grant Cardone, he was ranked at seven on the list of Richtopia. He also got listed among the world’s 500 influential chief executive officers globally. Forbes magazine even regarded him as the number 1 marketer in 2017. His abode got featured on American reality television series. The show is hosted by Joan Rivers. 


Owing to his role in diverse fields including sales training and automobile etc, Grant Cardone has garnered ample popularity and accolades. He might be short of prestigious awards, still, he managed to get into number 1 ranking for his authored piece, If you’re not first you’re last on big online marketplace Amazon. 

It came under the category of best-selling books for top publishing houses like The Wall Street Journal. Forbes also declared him one of the best market influencers. So now tell me isn’t that an award in itself?

Be Obsessed Or Be Average

There is one book by Grant Cardone, titled Be Obsessed or Be Average. If you go through it, you will find some extracts of his childhood days, his upbringing, and his initial life. In this book, Grant has also mentioned the amazing parenting style of his mother. He tells how she was so concerned about the money with constant coupon clipping. 

Grant tells how a middle-class approach can ruin your dreams and goals. Other than this, this book will strike deep in your heart, the kind in which Grant has expressed his difficult phase in full depth. 

When Father’s Demise Came As Big Shock To Grant

If you are smitten by the wealthy status of Grant Cardone of what he is today, then you need to understand that it does not happen all of a sudden. The major shock life gave to young Grant was when he lost his father to a serious heart attack. He was merely a 10-year-old kid then.

With his death, the family Grant lost the chance of living a leisurely life which they deserved. The loss of his father was a major blow to the young innocent son. He finds it challenging to grow up without him. Rather, he became aimless, who was not sure of where to go.

Grant’s mother too lived in fear and concentrated more on saving than earning. His father was his role model, a hero who was no more with him. Having no father figure in the house, Grant fell into the bad habit of consuming drugs. He was done with all the stuff including cocaine and smoking weed. 

Becoming a Spoilt Brat

Even though Grant attended college, he took no serious interest in studies and wasted his time partying around. He studied accounting but not because he wanted to make a career in it, but to put himself into debt. Accounting never became his career goal. 

So, guys, I think this is enough summary that I told you about what Grant has revealed in his book. Do read it if you find it. 

Net Worth of Grant Cardone

At present, $350 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of Grant Cardone. He earned his fortune with his multiple business tasks and other sources like real estate, automobile, sales training, and more. 

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