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The Division 2. The Plot, Non-Players, and More

Division 2 is one of the best video games that provide outstanding entertainment. It has a role-playing nature that the massive entertainment developer emphasizes. 

Ubisoft is the firm behind the publication and has done various games. Green poison virus is another work from the same firm that has a lot of o popularity. The homeland division closely follows the pattern of the video game. Various software such as windows and Xbox one also work with the game as it gained compatibility since 2019 march 15th.

The initial review of division 2 was excellent as it addressed the improvements and other features.  Over 10 million copies managed to sell through the game. Surprisingly, the launch did not show any possibilities of such high sales.


Division 2 has an interesting cover play with players working on a mission together. The person assuming the third role is a shooter and begins the mission in Washington DC. The cause of the havoc is a civil war between marauders and some civilians. 

Dangerous and powerful weapons such as firearms are what the players engage. Each weapon serves a specific role, such as damaging and getting the shooting accuracy. The functionality of the arms is excellent.

Division 2 Best Skills
Division 2 Best Skills

Each piece of equipment has a unique skill and mod that changes. It can change to do a different role to manage the enemy. The mission is easy to accomplish as players can ask for help and allow other players to join their sessions.

Some non-players can join to help in the mission as follows. 

Scanner pulse and Riot Foam 

Agents use the Riot Foam chem Launcher under heavy fire to envelop an area with sticky foam. Enemies are hypnotized for a while, unable to attack. Players can see the enemies and know where to fire in their HUD with their scanner plus exactly. This combination of skills works well for glass buildings.

Cluster seeker and artillery turret

These weapons specialize in demolitions that cause distraction as possible and disorient enemies.

Demolitions use tactics to force enemies to a certain location. With foes placed in a particular spot and enemies placed at a particular spot, players should direct seeker mines that easily find their targets.

Mender seeker mine and reviver hive

Survivalists rely on the mender seeker mine and reviver hive to back the support potential to keep allies on the lookout.

Riot foam chem launcher and mender seeker mine

Survivalists use riot foam chem launchers when under heavy fire to capture enemies with sticky foam. It gives them more than enough time to go for cover, set up another attack, or finish their enemies.

Capturing enemies with riot foam gives the survivalists enough time to take out their mender seeker mines, instantly locating nearby friends to heal.

Pulse scanner and reviver hive

Pulse scanner scans the area for enemies and tags the player. This makes the player aware of all close threats and plans accordingly.

The reviver hive brings back all downed friends in an area and auto deploys when the player dies. This combination makes it easier for the players because they know where all the enemies close to them are and can jump back up from a downed state.

Jammer scanner and reinforce chem launcher.

Jammer scanner pulls outwards and destroys all comm and electronics in the area. Also, it detects enemies in a wide radius.

The reinforcer chem launcher blasts the affected area with clouds that repair the tools of both teammates and the user.

Bulwark shield and reviver hive

The bulwark shield protects the agent from an incoming fire but limits him only to use his sidearm. The best thing about the shield is that it can be increased not just by skill points but defense points as well.

When paired with the revived, it makes it difficult to fight against a player wielding a shield.

Bulwark shield and striker drone

Bulwark is a good offensive tool for pushing but limits the user’s firepower when using it against the enemy. A striker drone is added to the sidearm to limit the firearm’s damage to make the firearm work better.

The striker drone brings the heat. The distraction caused by the drone will draw the enemy fire spreading the attack evenly between the drone and the reinforced tanky shield, making it easier to finish the enemies with their sidearm.

Demolisher firefly and assault turret

The demolisher firefly flies over an area and detects any environmental explosion, stinging the enemies in their weak points.

When the demolisher flies over, it disarms the enemies and destroys them using their own tools. The turret acts as a guide firing at any enemy that might be nearby.

Striker drone and assault turret

The striker drone follows enemies distracting them with pesky bullets, the assault turret fires at enemies around it. The combination of the two skills sends the enemies in an assault getting attacks from all-sided.

The advantage of this combination is that it is only one person doing all the work with the two firearms.


The game being revised often needs one to know the various skills of the game to be a pro.

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