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Stephanie Courtney Net Worth, How Much Is Stephanie Courtney Worth

We all get thrilled to watch movies especially if it is comedy. It makes us laugh and makes our moment cheerful. All credit goes to the actors who with their perfect comic timing make us laugh. One such comedian-actor from America is Stephanie Courtney. This talented actress was born in 1970 on 8th February. 

She became famous for her mascot character in TV and radio commercials for an American Insurance company starting thirteen years ago. Stephanie is also known for her repeated roles on many TV series. Some of her notable roles include Adult Swim, Mad Men, Men of a Certain Age (in the second season), and others. 

Stephanie is also known for her role in The Goldbergs, where she plays the character of Essie. She has been one of the members of a theatre of sketch comedy in California. Let us get to know more about her life, career, earnings, etc in this article.

Personal Details 

Full Name:Stephanie Courtney
Stage Name:Stephanie Courtney
Birthday:8 February 1970
Place Of Origin:Stony Point, New York, United States
Age:51 years old
Height:1.73 m
Weight:56 kg
Sexual orientation: Straight
Spouse:Scott Kolanach
Profession:American actress and comedian
Total Net Worth:$6 million

How Much Is Stephanie Courtney Worth

Early Life

Stephanie was born in New York in 1970 on 8th February. She is among the three kids born to a teacher father and singer mother. She is the youngest of her siblings. Stephanie is a graduate of a reputed university. She is a degree holder in English subject and had been part of theatre during her college days. 

Stephanie played the character of Elizabeth Proctor in a play. When she was too young, she had already made her goal to entertain people to earn her livelihood. When she completed her graduation, she moved on to NYC (New York City). There she met with Meghan Daum, an author, and columnist. Both Stephanie and her were roommates. 

During her initial days, Stephanie was employed as a secretary for an affluent businessman. Simultaneously, she studied acting at a well-known New York theatre. She even did odd jobs like catering during her early days of struggle.

Personal Life

Stephanie is as enthusiastic in her personal life as well as professional. She is among those few women who believe love happens at once. The gorgeous actor-comedian was married to a sound director, Scott Kolanach, long ago in 2008. Both seem to be happy couples who enjoy company with each other. 


Stephanie had already decided on her career in entertainment when she was too young. And she did live up to her dream when she became a standup comedian on her relocation to Los Angeles. There she stayed with her elder sibling Jennifer, who too was struggling hard to make her mark in becoming an actress. 

Both the talented sister duo carved out a sketch in the making of Those Courtney Girls in Los Angeles and carried it forward to the Comedy Arts Festival in America. Stephanie became part of the training group of a comedy group The Groundlings. Long ago in 2004, she also met with lighting director of theatre Scott Kolanach, the one she married in 2008. 

When Stephanie was making her ends meet by doing odd jobs with auditions for commercials. But the year 2008 proved a turning point in her career when she was cast as Flo by the American Insurance Company, Progressive Insurance. 

The fan page of Flo’s character garnered immense liking and many years into campaigning. The character became so appealing and made Stephanie earn a 1 million salary per year. When her career got a boost, Stephanie became a voice-over artist for a character in the adult animated American sitcom. It streamed for three years.

Stephanie then got a role in the 2007 television series Mad Men. She essayed the role of Marge in it. She even became the recipient of a prestigious award at Phoenix Film Festival for her role of Melvin in Melvin Goes to Dinner

Stephanie’s name also came under nomination for the cast in a web series and has worked with top brands including Skittles. 

Other Entertainment Shows & Films

Other than her commercial tasks, Stephanie starred in various films and TV shows. Some of the notable ones include the much popular Everybody Loves Raymond, medical drama ER, and movies like The Heartbreak Kid.

Salary of ‘Flo’ Actress

The character of Flo by American Insurance Company Progressive Insurance played by Stephanie became so popular that it made the actress earn $1 million per year. Usually, when any character is played by an actor for a long time there is a big deal negotiated between the actor and the brand regarding payment scales. 

The rise in the pay scale of the actor is also due to when they officially become a spokesperson for the commercial airings. Such things prevent them from fetching another job. So by taking the example of Stephanie Courtney, we can understand that she must be earning around $2 million per year. 

About The Character ‘Flo’

Flo is an imaginary character of a salesperson that came in many advertisements for an American Insurance company from 2008. This role was fantastically essayed by none other than Stephanie Courtney. This character amassed so many fans from social media platforms. 

It became a much popular mascot for everyone. 


Even though she made everyone laugh as a perfect comedian, Stephanie does not have a collection of awards except the Copper Wing Award. She got this award in 2003. Stephanie also got into the nomination list for the Steamy Award eleven years ago. 

Her name was listed for Back on Topps. Well, in general, I would say that awards cannot be the sole criteria in defining the success of an actor. It is the viewers and fan following that make an actor a star. 

Net Worth of Stephanie Courtney

At present $6 million is known to be the estimated net worth of actor-comedian Stephanie Courtney. She earned her fortune with her success in television serials and movies she acted in. 

Ending note

Life was never so easy for young Stephanie who did odd jobs to meet her ends. But she became a celebrity with her hard work and determination. 


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