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Donald Trump Net Worth, How Much Is Donald Trump Worth

Donald Trump is a well-known name in the field of politics. He is the former president of the United States, succeeded by Joe Biden now. For those who are only familiar with the political career of Trump, then let me correct them. Apart from being a politician, he is also a real estate developer, an author plus a TV personality. 

Before Trump became the American president, his identity was that of the owner of an organization of his name that deals in real estate and a mix of licensing. His Trump Organization has widespread ownership of properties in Ireland, Scotland, and of course in America. 

The properties are residential and commercial. Trump has earned immense wealth in his name with a variety of products and projects of real estate development worldwide. Five years ago in November, Donald Trump registered his victory by winning the presidential elections in America. The results came with the unexpecting defeat of Hillary Clinton.

And so Trump became the 45th president of America. Last year, in November, he was defeated by the current U.S president Joe Biden during the re-election campaign. Even though he has become an ex-American president now, still, if you are interested in knowing about his life, career, earnings, etc. 

Personal Details 

Full Name: Donald John Trump
Stage Name: Donald Trump
Gender: Male
Birthday: 14th June 1946
Place Of Origin: Jamaica Hospital Medical Center, New York, United States
Age: 74 years old
Height: 1.9 m
Weight: 110 kg
Nationality: American
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Status: Married
Spouse: Melania Trump
Profession: Entrepreneur, Businessperson, Writer, Investor, TV Personality, Television producer, Film Producer, Actor, Economist, Real estate entrepreneur
Total Net Worth: $4 billion

How Much Is Donald Trump Worth

Early Life

Donald Trump was born in 1946 in America. He comes from affluent family background. Trump’s father was a real estate businessman. Trump did his education from a reputed school. After that, he got involved with the family business. 

The shares in the company of his father were decided for every child depending on the age factor, on paper Trump became the child millionaire in 1954. He was just eight years old then. Long ago in 1970, his father Fred Trump had set a $1 million trust fund for his coming generations. 

The payment by the trusts was done in yearly dividends. Profits were churned from the real estate development company of his father’s sister Elizabeth Trump. During the 80s decade, both Donald Trump and his late father Fred got featured in the richest Americans list on Forbes.

Before Fred Trump passed away in 1999, every Trump offspring became the recipient of $413 million via inheritance and dividends.  


Donald Trump has now turned 76 years old in 2021, as per his date of birth which is 14th June 1946. The former president of America stands tall at a height of six feet two inches, weighing 110 kg. 

Personal Life

Trump married Ivana when he was 30 years old. Both became parents to 3 children. But their relationship did not last long and ended in divorce. His second marriage with Marla Maples also failed. After this, he married Melania and has a son named William Barron Trump. 

Trump has other children from previous marriages including Donald Trump Jr, Eric and Ivanka with Ivana (his first wife), and Tiffany Trump with Marla (his second wife). 


When Donald Trump became a graduate, he began working in real estate firms with his father Fred. There he took the keen initiative with projects (both domestic & international). Because of this, Trump was even called a real estate mogul and also a developer. 

Trump’s career got a new shape when he debuted with the TV show The Celebrity Apprentice. From there he gained the limelight. His punchline ‘You’re fired’ became very popular.

Trump’s inclination towards politics became stronger when he expressed his views over his predecessor American president Barack Obama. He took part in the 2016 presidential elections and supported Republicans. 

Donald Trump made hostile opinions towards Islamic Radicalization and immigrants from Mexico. Because of this, he grabbed maximum votes. And amid much criticism of his slogans and political activities globally, he finally became the 45th president of the United States, defeating Hilary Clinton. 

Being An Author

Donald Trump is not confined to his image as former president of America. He is also an author who has penned down books that turned out bestsellers. 

One of his books includes Trump: The Art of The Deal. This book is a blend of business advice and a memoir. 

This book topped the New York Best Seller list and remained long for weeks. 

Trump authored other books also Trump 101: The Way to Success. And the other one ‘The America We Deserve’.

Trump In WWE

What if I say Donald Trump made an appearance in WWE or World Wrestling Entertainment. Now you must be surprised as to what makes Trump’s presence in the latter wrestling sport? But it is true and it all happened when he shaved off Vince Macmahon during a WWE moment long ago in 2007. In this match, wrestler Bobby Lashley was named to represent Trump. And on the other side, wrestler Umaga came from Vince MacMahon’s side. 

As per the deal, whosoever would lose the wrestling match would have to shave off his head. And at the end, Umaga lost to Bobby Lashley. This was the moment when Donald Trump took pleasure in making the WWE wrestler completely bald. 

Before shaving off Vince MacMahon’s head, Trump even applied punches on the latter by putting him on the ground. It all happened when he (Vince MacMahon) was interfering in the fight. His son Shane MacMahon also was bashed by Stone Cold Steve Austin. It was he who helped Bobby Lashley win over Umaga by hitting the latter with his signature stunner fight technique.

Watch the video and you will know it all. 

Net Worth of Donald Trump

Currently, $4 billion is known to be the estimated net worth of Donald Trump, the 45th American president. He earned his fortune with the real estate business, and in the television show The Celebrity Apprentice.

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