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Disjointed Season 3: Is It Happening? When will it Return?

It has been a long wait since the Disjointed season two was devoted, as fans still keep their hopes high for the return of season 3 after the release of season two in 2018. However, the fans will be required to wait longer as Netflix is yet to receive any more details regarding the show’s next run. Many of the audience believed that there was a lot to view on the side of ruth’s world where she was trying to make sure that marijuana is legalized in America. But will she ever make it happen?

The Disjointed series was made by chuck Lorre in accompany of David javerbaum in the year 2017. It comes after ruth white feather Feldman, a legitimate cannabis advocate who began her varied career. After many years of working as a promoter of cannabis, she opted to open her cannabis dispensary in Los Angeles. Her fresh graduate son with a group of young budtenders assists ruth to fasten the push for legalization. The show also shows the importance of the marijuana tree and matters like PTSD.

Disjointed Season 3
Disjointed Season 3

Disjointed Season 3: Is it Renewed for the Next Season?

Unluckily, Netflix went ahead and canceled disjointed just after the second season was concluded.  Netflix had earlier asked for twenty episodes which later were divided into two sections that were aired back to back in 2018. However, the series didn’t welcome many appreciations from both the audients and critics as well. But regardless of this, as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining as so the same cases happened in the disjoined season 3’s. As a result, most die-hard fans have been struggling to request for come back of the series.

Fans signed and Petition to Bring it Back.

Just after the show’s cancellation, one of the strong fans of the show, Kimberly Smith, went ahead to sign a petition for disjointed season 3. She led that there were not multiple positive shows about cannabis, so she agreed to the show’s return. She went on to praise the well-sorted plot as well as its cast performance.

Regardless of the effort made by Kimberley, it’s almost three years, and Netflix has not heeded the kimbelie’s plea. Nearly 21998 people have already sent their petition, and the numbers are still rising every moment. Additionally, many fans have set up a campaign to revive the disjointed season 3. However, it is doubtful if they could make any difference.

The reason behind the Cancellation of the Show

Unfortunately, the disjointed show didn’t manage to reach the required viewership which the producers were aspiring to. Additionally, the show disappointed the critics, despite the positive intentions they had. Both seasons of disjointed gained 22% positive response from the rotten tomatoes audience, while on the other hand, it received 43% differing feedback from the critics. this affected their viewership. Thus Netflix had no other option other than deleting the show immediately.

Will Disjointed Season 3 Ever Return

Although the show showed diplomatic issues such as marijuana history, activism, myths of stoners, and the importance of the marijuana plant, in another case, it investigates other serious matters like post-traumatic stress disorder. Yet, despite all these, disjointed could find his home to stay in Netflix.

As for now, we can only wait longer for the streamer to communicate. However, there are limited chances that disjointed season 3 will return. However, there is no urge to get heartbroken, as fans could still enjoy filming seasons one and two as they are still available on the Netflix streamer platform.

The plot of Disjointed season one and Two

The story of Disjointed focuses on Ruth Whitefeather, trying to get a new way of surviving after many years of advocating to make cannabis legal in America. After getting a new purpose in her life, she decided to open a medical marijuana dispensary in Los Angeles. At first, she was experiencing difficulties in running her newly found adventure. Finally, however, his son Budtenders and security guard joined her.

As the story continues, it brings closer to the closure of her business as she finds herself getting into multiple problems one after the other. Her misfortunes increased when she sells cannabis to a minor by mistake. In the next season, the story ends when Biowave acquires Pete’s brain through Bluetooth.

Travis decided to replace Olivia. On the other hand, Jenny’s mother comes to realize that Travis is a budtender. Due to this, it puts Jenny’sromance life with carter in danger. Olivia becomes so heartbroken with Angelo DeStevens’ marketing. Meanwhile, ruth undergoes a hard time trying to internalize Walter’s confession of his coming death. Thus the story was concluded.

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