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Sneaky Pete Season 4 Return? Will it Ever Be Released?

In 2019 Amazon Prime Video canceled Sneaky Pete after three seasons. But the question lingering on fans of Sneaky Pete fans will there be a season four? This series involves a released convict ‘Marius Josipovic’ who takes his cell mate’s identity to run away from his past life. So, if you have been waiting for Sneaky Pete’s season four return, make sure you read this article to the end.

About Sneaky Pete?

This is crime drama series whose creation is by David Shore and Bryan Cranston. The series features Giovanni Ribisi, Marin Ireland, Shane McRae, Libe Barer, Michael Drayer, Peter Gerety, Margo Martindale, Jane Adams, and Efrat Dor.

It was produced in the United States of America, and its original language is English. Until its cancellation, it has three seasons with a total of thirty episodes. Each episode runs for 41 to 59 minutes. Sneaky Pete was being shown on Amazon Prime Video. The release date of the first episode was on 7th August 2015, and the last episode premiered on 10th May 2019.

This series has a rating of 8.1/10 on IMDB. This is from 31,744 reviews. Unlike other series, Sneaky Pete had three production teams. This is one of the reasons it led to its cancellation. Another reason for its cancellation was a decline in views.

Sneaky Pete
Sneaky Pete

Release of Sneaky Pete Season 4

As I earlier informed you, the series has been canceled but is this the final decision? Yes, according to Amazon Prime Video, they will not be renewing a fourth season of the Sneaky. But viewers are not relenting. More than 2,600 signatures have been submitted via to push for a release of season four.

Will this change the mind of Amazon? We are not sure, but we are eagerly waiting for a decision from the producers. Suppose we get an update about its renewal. We will inform you right away.

The plot of Sneaky Pete

If it’s your first time to hear about the popular sneaky Pete series, I got your back to narrate the storyline to place you on the same level as the viewers. Sneaky Pete is a series of a con man who is running to escape a vicious gangster. The con man tries to run from the gangster by faking his identity as one of his prison cellmates.

Pete was trying to return to his estranged family, the family trying to introduce him to a dangerous environment similar to the one he was escaping. From the two seasons. The main character is Marius. Marius is a courageous trickster guy who is on an urge to get out of prison. However, a lot of misfortunes await him outside jail life. He develops an idea on pretending to be his cellmate, Pete, which luckily he managed to succeed in his plans.

 After a successful escape from jail, Marius reunites with Pete’s family, clueless that they live with a stranger. Sooner after his return, he is roped into the family’s bail bond investments. Marius has no idea that he is also dealing with criminals.

Perception of Sneaky Pete

The first release of sneaky Pete season received a positive rating from the critic. The first season managed to receive 97% aggregated as certified fresh from the rotten tomatoes, which was, according to 31 critic reviews, a critical consensus. The series was also smart as well as exposing a terrific cast.  From the comic, part of the plot consists of a crime caper, dramedy, and entertaining.

Metacritic hit the first season with a 77 score out of 100 based on 22 critic ratings. The second season of Pete welcomed a positive rating from the critic as well.  Rotten Tomatoes rated the second season a 91% lower compared to season one. This was noted as a fresh rating as per rotten tomatoes.

The last season of sneaky Pete was rated critic reviews positively, according to rotten tomatoes. The third season was the best rated as it received 100% fresh ratings, which were according to 7 critic reviews.


One of the actors, Margo Martindale, was elected as the best supporting female actor in the 2017 drama series, the awards which a held annually by critic Choice Television awards.


 Some fans speculated that the fact that YOST had left at the end of season two was the start of concluding the series. The position of YOST was occupied by Blake Masters, and the brand new producing group took over for season three. The alteration in changing the producers may be another cause, reducing the number of views for the next season. 

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