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Top Warrior Female Names for Your Little Princess

We all have been students of history during our school days. Our teachers had read out many chapters based on valor. Not only men but there have been popular female warriors around the world. If you seem interested in reading the valor tales of brave women in history, then it must make you feel excited to name your baby girl that represents warrior women. If you are a die-hard comic fan, then Wonder Woman and Red Sonja are the perfect examples of female warrior comic superheroes. 

So are you searching for a perfect warrior name for your little princess? Then there is a list of names that you can refer to. All these names define the perfect symbol of feminine power and bravery of course. Be it Aesira or Ziana, we have come up with more wonderful names in the given list today. Worldwide, some names define ‘warrior woman’ in different cultures. So why not check out some of the top options below. 

Female Warrior Names


Alessia sounds so lovely for your cute little princess. The meaning of this Italian name is a defending warrior. Your daughter would thank you for such a beautiful name. You need to know that Alessia is one of the popular names for girls in Italy. In other words, the fame of this name has risen since 2006. 

Many parents are also finding Alessia a perfect and stylish name for their baby girls. The name is inspired by a warrior woman named Alessia Le Clerc. Many women celebrities are sharing a similar name, for example, Alessia Marcuzzi, an actress and television host from Italy. 


Referring to another catchy warrior female German name is Zelda, meaning grey fighting maiden. It is the nickname of Griselda, a feminine name that originally means a strong woman and dark battle. With the amalgamation of these names, the meaning came out as Grey fighting maiden. Zelda is also a feminine Jewish name Selig that means blessed and happy. Many popular female celebrities have the name Zelda. One of the big examples is Zelda Williams. 

She is the daughter of late American actor Robin Williams. She is an actress, director, producer, and writer. One more reason that would drive you to name your baby girl Zelda. There is a very popular fictional female character from Japan and is famous in different media. Other than being a popular video game character, there is even a movie on her, plus a 13-episode American animated TV series. Just search Legend of Zelda, and rest you will know. 


Coming on to the next very pretty and attractive female name is Casey. The meaning of this name is brave in battle. This name is derived from Irish Gaelic, which also means vigilant. You can use this as the beginning name for your daughter or as her surname. 

In either way, it will look better. Casey is a popular girl named in the United Kingdom and the United States. The name is equally meant for boys as well as girls. During the 90s decade, the name Casey was much popular among both genders ranking among 200 names. 


Kelly is also an attractive Irish name from ancient times. You can choose to name your daughter. Like Casey, this name can also be used as a first name or surname. The meaning of this name is ‘war’. Kelly was usually popular among boys, but it became popular among the girls also. The year 1977 is the major year in the United States when the name Kelly rose to 150 percent. 

Even though it declined after that, it is still popular with the girl names. Well, don’t go by the year of popularity. This name sounds attractive and will suit your beautiful and cute daughter. The meaning of this name has a weightage. There are many beautiful female celebrities with the name Kelly. 

Some of the great examples include Kelly Brooks (English model & actress), Kelly Clarkson (singer, songwriter & TV personality), and Kelly Overton (famous for the vampire character Vanessa Helsing). Apart from these celebrity examples, there are many fictional female characters with the name Kelly in the American sitcoms and television series. 


Martina is also a war-inspired Spanish name. This beautiful name will perfectly suit your daughter. One popular female sports celebrity that shares a similar name is Swiss tennis player Martina Hingis. Well, it is not like you get inspired by the names of celebrities, Martina is indeed a pretty name to pick for your darling daughter. 


If you want to go for an Arabic name for your daughter, then Shamara is the best choice to go with. The meaning of this name is someone ready for the battle. Now doesn’t it sound like bravery and valor? Of course, it is. If you find this name catchy then better name your baby girl. 


Following the list of top warrior female names include Andrea. It means a brave defender of men. It is a very lovely Greek name that would enhance the personality of your beautiful daughter when people will call her by this name. Andrea sounds very stylish when pronounced. 

So do refer to this name if you like it. It is a unisex name, which means suitable both for boys and girls around the world. Many female celebrities share similar names including Andrea Russett, Bulgarian singer Andrea, Canadian swimmer Andrea Moody, and many more. 


Keena is the perfect name for a brave daughter of a brave father. And the meaning also tells the same meaning, which is a brave girl. Keena is one of the listed warrior-inspired names here. Like the above names, it is also a pretty feminine name for your little brave princess. 


Yashica is an attractive Hindu name in India. The meaning of this word speaks of success, smartness, and bravery. Parents name their daughter with a variant Yashika. But if you find the spelling Yashica more appealing, then it’s all up to you to finalize it for your daughter’s name. 


If you are looking for a more catchy name for your daughter that defines warrior quality, then the name Moxie would certainly win your choice. The name stands for extreme energy or boldness and character strength. 

If we go by American origin, then Moxie stands for a different meaning which is courageous and spirited. And all these qualities define a strong feminine character. Your daughter would love being called Moxie when she grows up.

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