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Berserk Season 3: Finally Returns? 2021 Release Date and More

The long-awaited anime berserk will eventually be back on our screens. As it is anticipated that berserk season 3 will premiere earlier than it was speculated. Also, its directors have already stated that there will be a renewal of another sequel. However, the third installment will back to its original 1997 animation style.

Berserk which is one of the best anime-manga franchise of all the time. The origin of the great story was from the Kentaro Miuras manga series that was aired back in 1989. Since then, berserk has become a homestead name for otakus globally.

The franchise has been kept viable in the form of anime series as well as movie adaptations. Up to date, two different anime movies have been released. The first one was produced in 1997, while the second one was aired back in 20016 respectively. Although, a movie adaptation was released in 2012, which was based on Golden Age Arch.

Has Berserk Season 3 Renewed


In the year 2016, the anime adaptation was hit by heavy criticism due to its animation style. Regardless of this, it managed to gain many followers all over the work, and also it managed to accumulate a considerable profit for its creators. Additionally, both seasons contributed hugely to multiplying the sales of its original material. Therefore regarding its popularity, it’s likely that the studio will not cancel the series nearly.

The producers of the anime have already declared its return. This comes as a sure bet as the end of season two finale, which was aired in 2017, ended with a promising message, To be continued. This showed that the creator has already opted to continue with the anime for a couple of seasons.

However, they haven’t publicized the official renewal of season 3. Anime creators both Gemba and Millepensee have not yet altered a word concerning the title. However, the last message during season 2 was a clear indication of what to expect for season three.

Berserk Season 3 to Change Animation AStyle

Season three of the anime has been on a break of a couple of three years. Thus, no new seasons have been released since the end of season 2. followers of the anime suspected that the delay resulted from negative reviews from the release of the year 2016. back in the year, the franchise’s finale adaptation was castigated for its disappointing animation style and lazy visuals.

Fans for both manga series and 1997 anime were very discouraged with the films. Therefore this could be one of the results as to why the producers were demotivated. Despite all the challenges, berserk season 3 is probably to capture the 1997 version. In its first two seasons of the year, 2016 anime was made using 3D computer graphics to make animation.

Although the director, shin Itagaki had pressurized on acquiring inspiration from berserk mangas, they used a high comprehensive animation style through both 3D and 2D hybrid. Unfortunately, the last scene of berserk of season 2 was later switched to 2D animation, which later the fans happened to love the most. It’s clear, Therefore, it’sication that the studio will eventually opt to continue with 2D animation in the future sequel.

When will the New Season Premiere

There has been no new release of berserk anime adaptation since 2017. It is a conjecture that season 3 would not come back until it includes a new manga volume to upgrade. The bargaining power of its source material acquired a huge amount of revenue for any anime.

Thus, many of their installments are in series as we approve the launch of manga / 38, 39, and 40, respectively. Additionally, the 2012 movie series adaptation helped in promoting volumes 36 and 37 as well. Hardly, there has been no new manga release since 2018.

In the past two decades, mangaka Kentaro has made a consistent interval as volume release deviates. Although these hiatuses take less than two years, thus volume 41 is most likely to be released soon this year 2021. hence, season 3 may be likely to premiere a few months earlier or after the launch of the manga volume.

What will the Plot About

is there a sufficient source of materials? as of mind 2020, manga has been published for about forty volumes, while the anime adaptation has managed to cover only half of the source materials. the upcoming seasons of anime will be able to adapt at least fifteen volumes, this includes even the skipped chapters from last volumes?

Luckily there is more than enough source of materials to capture for berserk season 3. The upcoming season will probably capture the remaining 57 chapters of the falcon of the millennium empire story

Release Date of Season 3

 any new anime release will come after volume 41 of manga. Thus it is expected that the release of berserk may fall in late 2021 or early 2022.

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