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AdvancedMD EMR vs athenaOne Find The Best

What is an EHR/EMR Software?

The term EHR or EMR stands for electronic health/medical records. While the term might suggest that these software merely keep medical records safe, these days these software do much more than that. From allowing you to optimize your performance as a medical practice to helping you make billing much more convenient. In this piece, we will be telling you about two major EHR software currently available in the market which you can explore to see if they will serve your needs well. Both AdvancedMD EMR and athenOne are popular EHR options across North America. These software are well liked due to the several features they house which make them easy to use and enable you to help your practice flow very seamlessly.

athenaOne EMR

Lab Integration for a More Convenient Practice

The lab integration features in athenaOne are incredibly efficient and help you become a better clinician as a result. This is because through the feature, you can immediately order lab tests for your patients without any delays. And once the tests are conducted and results available, then you can simply get the results sent by the lab directly to the software. This reduces the time it takes for you to make a diagnosis and treatment plan because the software allows you to ensure that you get the required information from tests much sooner than you would have otherwise.

A Patient Portal to Ease your Administrative Work

The patient portal feature in this software is very helpful since it allows patients more autonomy over their treatment with you. This is because the patients have access to a portal through which they can make decisions for their treatment with you. Patients can use the portal to schedule their own appointments, look at their upcoming appointments and much more. All of this leads to you being free from executing administrative tasks which allows you to focus on your patients and practice as a whole instead of having to work on miscellaneous administrative tasks themselves.

Simplified Medical Templates

A good medical template is very important to the performance of your medical practice. With athenaOne you get access to a wonderful medical template feature which allows you to choose from a variety of templates it has available. This means you are able to decide which template would suit your needs best and  also be able to customize the template so that it suits your needs better. This will enable you to reduce the time it takes for you to fill out patient data and information and overall helps you make things a lot better for you.


AdvancedMD EMR

Medical Billing and Finances made Easier

The billing and financial aspect of running a medical practice is often disliked by practitioners. Fortunately for you, AdvancedMD EMR takes care of this entirely. The billing feature helps you to make bills which are more accurate since they are automated and hence the chance for human error is also further reduced. The software helps you keep track of your finances so that you are well aware of your expenditure and revenue coming in. The billing is made easier so that you are able to get reimbursed from patients much quicker as well. All in all, the software helps you to make things a lot simpler since AdvancedMD EMR’s billing and financial features are built to make things easier.

Patient Charting was Never Simpler

Patient charting is the cornerstone of good practice. Having accurate patient charting helps you not only make a diagnosis much more quickly but also allows you to make better treatment plans and dole out better services to your patients. This software helps you to reduce the time it takes for you to make patient notes since the charting helps make things easier for you too. AdvancedMD EMR allows for quick charting as it is AI enabled and hence suggests changes you should make. This helps you to reduce the average time it takes per appointment for you and allows for you being able to schedule more patients in a day hence increasing both your efficiency and revenue.

Which EMR Software you Should Invest in?

Now that we have told you in length about both athenaOne and AdvancedMD reviews, you are probably wondering which of these two software we actually recommend to you. Both these software are incredible and worth investing in. However, to choose the right software for your practice you will need to make the decision on your own.

We suggest you make a checklist for all the features you would want in an EHR software. Then you can compare this list to the features available for both software to see which of these software will serve all or most of your needs.

Read as many detailed user reviews for this software as possible since this helps you figure out whether the software is a worthy investment in the long run. Both AdvancedMD EMR and athenaOne are good options and have splendid ratings but reading details from reviews might help you!

We also suggest asking the vendor of the software for a demo or a trial of the software to figure out whether or not the software would be a good fit for your needs. This will help you make an accurate decision as well.

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