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5 Effective Tips to Stop Hair Fall Immediately

Everyone wants to have luscious hair strands. Without any exception, both men and women love their hair more than anything.

They do anything that can aid them to keep their thick luscious strands. From trying on home remedies to investing in modern-day air foods and hair serums, they do it all. All because they don’t want to experience hair fall.

Hair Fall- Your Hair Enemy

Unfortunately, hair fall is natural. Losing 50-100 strands daily is natural. The type of hair fall that isn’t followed by hair regrowth is dangerous. Though both men and women suffer from hair fall, the severity of hair fall is more in men. No matter how much they try, men can go bald!

Many of the hair fall causes are preventable but there are some you can’t do much about. My father suffered from a complete hair fall in his 30’s and ultimately he visited many best hair surgeons in Lahore for hair transplants. Though he got the hair transplant and got his hair back, hair transplant is not an option for many. So, preventing hair fall in the initial phases comes as a first option.

hair loss
hair loss

How to Stop Hair Fall Naturally?

There are many ways to stop hair fall. Here are some of the ways that can help you.

1- Focus on your Diet

When it comes to hair health, the type of food you eat matters. This is because our hair growth requires many essential vitamins and minerals for growing well. We depend on our food to get these vitamins and minerals and that’s why your dietary choices matter. If you are someone suffering from hair fall, then the fault might be in your diet. Start consuming a well-balanced diet containing all the natural ingredients.

2- Water, water and water

Just like your food, the consumption of water is important for good hair health. When you consume enough water it keeps your cells healthy and your hair cells are no exception to this. If you are experiencing hair fall, then it is important to work on your hydration habits and consume enough water to keep your strands hydrated.

3- How About your Hair Care Routine?

The next thing that can help you to stop hair fall is by revising your hair care routine. Though your hair care routine might be different from others it needs to be well-suited for your hair health. What are the products you choose for your hair and how frequently you apply these can make a difference?

So, in case of uncontrolled hair fall, it is advised to read your hair care products again and see if there is anything wrong with them. If not then your uses can be the reason. So, it is better to choose a hair care routine that supports your hair growth.

4- Work on your Hair Styling

There are many ways to style your hair. The type of hairstyle you opt for can affect your hair health. If you tie tight ponytails and make one hairstyle every day, then it might be causing your hair to fall. So, start working on your hairstyles and see if they could be causing damage to your hair. Not only has it included styling but the tools you use. These tools expose your hair to the heat that has a damaging effect on your hair strands.

5- Get yourself a Head Massage

There is enough evidence to support the role of head massages towards better hair health. It not only improves the circulation in your head but is also known to boost your hair growth. When you massage your head you lubricate your scalp and some oils can help you to have healthy hair. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, amla oil or any other essential oil for better hair growth.

Bottom Line!

Your hair health is important and can get affected by many things. Hair fall is a common hair health problem and both men and women suffer from it. Consistent hair fall can result in hair loss so it is essentially important to stop it. All these tips alongside many others can be of great help and can stop your hair fall. However, if nothing seems to help you then it is recommended to consult a trichologist for the right advice.


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