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5 Reasons That Make GogoPDF the Best File Converter

Adobe-developed PDF or Portable Document File for documents to be compatible even without the specific software and operating systems. Many people choose to use the PDF format in saving their files, especially when it comes to school, office, and business files. More than its compatibility, people use PDF for documents because it is more secure than word documents.

If you search the proper keywords on the internet, you will find many websites that offer similar services. There are a lot of related conversion tools, but GogoPDF stands out from the crowd. With a 4.5-star rating, GogoPDF is getting known by the people in converting documents. But what makes GogoPDF stand out and be the best online tool to convert Word to PDF? Below is a list of what makes GogoPDF the best partner for you.

1.  Precise and Accurate      

The common sentiment of people who convert their file to pdf is the accuracy of the result after conversion. Sometimes, some converting tools do not include all the materials in the document. Some even change the format of the table, pictures, and graphs. Changing the layout of the paper you worked on for a long time is frustrating! The excellent news with GogoPDF is that it keeps the document’s original format and converts it from word to pdf.

Whether a picture, graph, or table, or the margin, spacing, and indention, GogoPDF will preserve the document you are converting. Do not fear for the accuracy of your files, for GogoPDF assures you that your PDF conversions will include all your essential data. Amazing, right? GogoPDF will save you from the trouble of inaccurate conversion.

2.  Protection of Your Privacy

Being mindful of your privacy is not just being paranoid. Remaining careful is one of the things we should do, especially nowadays that fraud and scams are prevalent in online platforms. We cannot compromise our security even in the simplest task, like converting word documents to PDF. With GogoPDF, you don’t have to worry about your protection. GogoPDF has policies for your privacy and data security. GogoPDF is serious about keeping your privacy safe and protecting all the information about you. All your uploaded documents are automatically deleted an hour after uploading them.

If you need to convert your document but are hesitant for your protection, worry no more. Have the confidence to work with the best online conversion tool. Try to use GogoPDF now.

3.  Compatibility to different Operating Systems

There are different devices with different operating systems today. We cannot utilize a tool because it is not working with the device we have or the operating system our computers use. Buying a new gadget is the last choice we will resort to. Aside from being a hassle, buying another device is costly if you only want to finish essential tasks like conversion. You don’t have to overthink! GogoPDF will get the job done for you. It’s an online conversion tool that works equally great with operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. This conversion tool also works well with the browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. This feature will not limit you from converting your document from word to PDF while using the perfect gadget you have. We have a wide variety of devices in the market today. But, whatever you are using, you can make sure of getting the highest quality of copies for your personal use!

4.  Easy to Use

Conversion of documents might sound too mind-boggling for you. It is too technical and lengthy even to say. GogoPDF is aware that many people only have a basic knowledge of computers and online tools. So, they have made the simplest and easiest way to help you in converting your file. On their website, you will see four easy steps to follow in converting your file. First, you will get the document you want to convert from the device you are using. Be sure that the device you will use in conversion has the file you convert to save you from time and trouble. Right after uploading, GogoPDF will immediately start the conversion. Within a minute of waiting, your document is all ready to be downloaded. You will also see a link that you can copy if you want to share it with other people. The link will also indicate the date when the downloadable document will be deleted.

You do not have to memorize terms or even drown yourself from long and exhausting instructions. You only have to follow the easy-peasy steps of GogoPDF. Just a few clicks and your document is ready to go!

5.  Free Conversion Tool

One of the drawbacks of using online tools is that you have to pay first before doing your conversion. Many converting tools online require their customers to pay before converting their paper from word to PDF. GogoPDF, being one of the leading online converting tools, is free! You can have your document converted from word to PDF without spending any dime from your pocket. You will not need to put your bank details to convert your DOC to PDF unless you access more converting tools. GogoPDF offers a subscription for you with a 14-day trial. But if you need conversion for your Word document to PDF, you don’t have to think twice about using GogoPDF.

Final Thoughts

PDF is the most common format of files because it can keep the integrity of the document. Whether it is for school purposes, such as learning modules or e-portfolios, or business functions such as a brochure, business reports, and online billings, PDF is the best choice we can have. GogoPDF, on the other hand, is the best partner for your conversion assignments. From its most uncomplicated instructions to its broad compatibility and free service, you can ensure that you will get the best quality of work that will exceed your expectations. No matter if you are a student, employee, or business owner, GogoPDF will serve you the best service in converting your word documents to PDF.

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