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5 creative ways to get more views on youtube shorts

YouTube is one of the largest and oldest social media platforms in today’s generation. In today’s generation, shorter videos are more in trend. People prefer to watch videos that are small yet entertaining. People have gotten accustomed to shorter clips. No one has the attention span to sit through a long video anymore. To incorporate this trend into its app, YouTube introduced shorts. YouTube shorts are small clips of usually 30-60 seconds.

The whole purpose of shorts is so that people can get content that is short, informative and entertaining. This is great as people can scroll through many shorts at once without getting bored or losing interest. Currently, shorts are more popular and in demand as compared to longer videos on Youtube. Therefore, there is more potential to get famous on Youtube by using Youtube shorts. If you wish to know more about this, keep reading the article. Here are 5 creative ways to get more views on youtube shorts:

Understand your audience:

As compared to normal YouTube videos, the audience of YouTube shorts is a lot more particular. You first need to understand whether the subscribers or viewers that you have come in through your shorts or not. To understand this, you need to see which short of yours has the most engagement. If you posted a video that has a bunch of likes, comments and views then it is possible that most of your subscribers were bought in through this video of yours. In this way, you can understand the expectations of your audience.

Every person subscribes to you on YouTube because of a certain reason. If they like a certain type of your video and subscribe to you, this means that they expect the same types of videos from you more often. Therefore, you need to deliver to this demand of your audience. Otherwise, there is a possibility of you losing subscribers. If you posted a short about a particular topic which brought in a lot of subscribers, you need to keep making shorts on this topic a lot more often. In this way, you can keep your current subscribers and even increase your views due to the high demand.

Use hashtags:

Using YouTube hashtags is the best way to bring in more views. Hashtags are a direct link between you and your target audience. Search for content on YouTube, they simply just type in the hashtag. Especially on shorts, hashtags are a necessity. The only way to search up short is through hashtags. Therefore, this is the only means that your audience will use. For example, let’s say you post shorts relating to travel and wish to find an audience that is interested in the same. All you need to do is type #Travel in the caption of your shot. Now, every person that searches for this hashtag will come across your short and you will eventually get more views. This is also great to gain more exposure and make space for yourself on the app.

Make attractive videos:

Youtube is an entertainment platform. As a result, the audience of YouTube is looking for content that is attractive and entertaining. You need to, therefore, deliver to this demand of the audience. Since these are shorts we are talking about, people don’t think much before scrolling past a boring video. Therefore, you need to post content that will keep them interested. There are multiple amazing creators on YouTube who are constantly very attractive content. Firstly, you need to create videos that are of good quality.

You can use secondary sources and apps like video star, iMovie, cute cut, after effects, etc. to make your videos look more appealing. These apps can help you add effects like subtitles, frames, animations, stickers, CGIs, and many more. These effects make your videos look highly professional and well organised. These are also easy to consume and more entertaining. As a result, you will end up getting a lot of attention and views on your shorts.

Create content of good quality:

If your content is not of good quality, you will not get many views. You need to make your videos as easy to consume as possible. For this, you need to make sure that the quality of your video is of high quality. This is so that your video can be very clear and crisp to watch. You also need to make sure that your sound quality is great. This is important so that people can understand your video a lot more easily.

Use trends:

Trends are a huge part of social media. You need to make use of these in your videos. YouTube trends show us what is currently relevant. This helps us to understand the interests of people and deliver exactly to them. This trick will help you to increase your views on shorts. You can use trending hashtags, audios, formats, scripts, jokes, etc to attract viewers. In addition, using trends can also help you to gain more exposure as people are very actively viewing them.

These were 5 creative ways to get more views on youtube shorts. We hope that this article could be of use to you and helped you understand Youtube shorts better.

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