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The Highest Paid Jobs in The Automobile Industry

Do you love cars and anything hands-on or technology-related? If yes, pursuing an automobile-based career can be a fantastic way to apply what you enjoy doing.

A good number in the industry also earn an excellent salary. Statistics record the average starting salary of automotive mechanics at $29,000. Again, the top 10% of the best-paid automotive mechanics is $53,000 or even more.

Presently, there’s an increased need for clean automotive technologies. This means that more professionals are required in the industry to meet the low carbon economy needs. Generally, there’s more to this field than just replacing spare parts.

There are a wide variety of roles in the field of automobiles. This allows you to apply your skills and explore your passions in your specific sector of interest in the car industry. You also have the chance to work with different types of skilled individuals. As a result, you may learn more from one another.

Most importantly, stability is one factor you should look for when changing jobs in the trade industry. This is because of the many forms of automotive transport that are constantly in use. It’s why the global automotive industry’s outlook remained stable during the covid-19 pandemic.

Many business sectors were hard hit and experienced shutdowns. There was only a reduced turnaround in sales for the automobile industry, but most employees continued working.

So, a career in the automobile industry can be very fulfilling. It can be rewarding to do hands-on work with vehicles and technology. If you’re contemplating a career in automotive, it helps to understand the top-paying jobs in the industry. In our article below, we will discover the highest-paid positions in the industry.

Let’s find out.

1.  Automotive Sales Manager

With a bachelor’s degree and some sales experience, you can pursue an automotive sales manager career. Sales managers train sales staff, and they also handle customer issues.

Let’s take a scenario where you’re a sales manager of the well-renowned honda dealership in Tampa, Florida. In this case, you’ll take responsibility for managing the sales staff of the local Honda dealership.

You might help in setting vehicle prices. You can also determine the most effective ways to market and sell vehicles to consumers nearest honda dealership and far.

So, in short, automotive sales managers run the entire sales dealerships. They are responsible for the sales of both new and used vehicles. They also motivate salespeople and promote effective strategies to sell automobiles.

2.  Automotive Designer or Stylist

Automotive designers are also referred to as automotive stylists. These are specialized industrial designers who apply their technical know-how and talents. They employ the knowledge of mechanics, production, and materials alongside artistry. They do this to enhance several elements of automobiles, such as:

  • Style
  • Appearance
  • Ergonomic and modern designs

Indeed, the work of automotive designers impacts many people’s lives every day. In short, they convert automobiles into better versions of the initial ones. They do this by making automobiles more user-friendly and highly functional.

So, once you take on this job, you’ll be responsible for designing and redesigning automotive products to make them more operational than before. As an automotive designer, you can design a new car model or alter an existing vehicle model to keep it up-to-date with competitors.

You can also incorporate new features in the already-manufactured vehicles. Industrial designers can start in their field with a bachelor’s degree in industrial design or a similar discipline.

Most automotive stylists work full time either as consultants or as automobile manufacturers. Salaries vary depending on the:

  • Company
  • Region
  • Industrial state
  • Level of experience

Overall, the median wage earned by industrial designers in May 2018 was equivalent to $66,590. The lowest 10% earned a maximum of $38,630, while the highest 10% earned at least $108,040.

3.  Diesel Service Technicians and Mechanics

Diesel service technicians and mechanics execute the work of repair and maintenance on vehicles that contain diesel-powered engines. This includes buses and construction vehicles.

With a high school diploma, you can learn through on-the-job training. But, those with a postsecondary certificate or associate’s degree may have more job alternatives. They also tend to receive higher pay. This is because they’re trained further to operate with diesel engines.

The trained and certified individuals are also more familiar with the systems in diesel-powered vehicles. Hence, they often perform a wide range of tasks.

Overall, the median pay is estimated at $23.41 per hour. This is according to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. The same statistics indicate that around 28,100 job openings for diesel service mechanics and technicians are generated each year.

Most of these openings are expected to come from the need to replace workers who transfer to different occupations. The job openings also come from those who exit the labor force, such as retirements.

The top-paying diesel service mechanics include:

  • Coastal Water and other marine transportation
  • Courier and Express Delivery Services
  • Electric Power Generation, Distribution, and Transmission Services
  • Scientific Research and Development Services
  • Federal Executive Branch (OES Designation)

4.  Automotive Engineer

Automotive engineers work in a team that deals with vehicle design and development. They are also concerned with vehicle manufacturing and testing. Besides, as an automotive engineer, you may be involved in the sales and marketing, and after-sale processes of different kinds of commercial vehicles.

Overall, this job mainly involves using sophisticated technologies safely and creatively. The aim is to offer consumers an ultimate smooth user experience.

Key Takeaways

If you love things to do with cars, it may be time to convert your passion into a payroll. The automotive industry is highly flexible and exciting. The industry’s job outlook is also promising.

The demand for clean automotive technologies implies that more professionals are needed to meet low carbon economy requirements.

This industry is also diversified. So, depending on your area of interest, you can work in production, sales and marketing, retailing, wholesaling, or repair and maintenance of motor vehicles. This pinpoints many jobs in the industry which require diversified skill sets.

The best part yet is that; the industry isn’t hard to get into. With the proper knowledge and training, you can quickly master the roles. As a result, you can join the highest paying and most fulfilling jobs in the industry. All the best as you pursue your dream career!

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