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Top 3 platforms for eCommerce websites in 2022

Let’s start with an explanation of the term “eCommerce platform.” Owners of internet enterprises use this software tool to manage their projects, examine marketing techniques, and measure their development.

Typically, these platforms provide a variety of cutting-edge eCommerce capabilities as well as classic business tools. You’ll be able to consolidate and handle your company activities more efficiently as a result of them.

So, which eCommerce platform is the best? You are welcome to read the descriptions of three bespoke eCommerce systems that provide the ideal experience right now.

Magento Commerse

magento commerce

Magento is a well-known website builder that includes a shopping cart as well as other customisable features. You might receive a completely unique website as a result of them, which will considerably increase the popularity of your company.

Simultaneously, you’ll have to cope with a slew of issues, including high development expenses and complexity. Without expert coding abilities, you won’t be able to create an online eCommerce site or maintain its infrastructure.

Furthermore, Magento lacks the necessary capabilities to create a unified multichannel approach. Furthermore, there is no way to activate social commerce or the marketplace.

This bespoke eCommerce platform does not accept foreign currency in its online stores. If you want to start constructing an eCommerce website for a worldwide market, this is a huge disadvantage.

If you’re willing to put up with the disadvantages, Magento will reward you with its advantages. You’ll be able to develop unique promos and discounts with the aid of this platform in order to attract new consumers and convert them into loyal ones. It also offers a flexible and powerful CMS. It makes no difference if you want to sell ten or ten million goods. Everything is possible if you utilize Magento!

If you have a lot of requirements for these platforms and want to get the perfect fit, contact an ecommerce software development company to get your own unique product that will be perfect for you.



This is a well-known customizable eCommerce platform with a terrific online version and solid Android and iOS mobile applications. Since 2015, Shopify has started delivering its service. More than two million eCommerce sites are now running on this platform, and finding a better alternative for the establishment of a modest online eCommerce shop is difficult.

After completing a quick and simple registration form, you’ll be able to join up for a 14-day free trial. Shopify gives new users with information on the platform’s key features in a lighthearted and user-friendly way. You’ll learn how to add items, update your store’s style, link your own domain, and integrate common payment methods thanks to it.

Even if you’re a total novice who has never constructed an eCommerce website before, Shopify will put you at ease. Adding new goods, for example, is as easy as ABC. Simply go to the sidebar and look for the “Products” area, then click the “Add Products” button. Fill in the necessary information, such as your product’s name, price, and so on, as quickly as possible. Change the status to “Active” after everything is finished, and the product will be available for purchase.

You won’t have to pay extra to use the bulk of Shopify’s services and capabilities. Simultaneously, the site will delight you with ten free ready-to-use themes.



Many well-known firms use this website builder with a shopping cart. Among its customers is the well-known “Ben & Jerry’s.” BigCommerce, on the other hand, is an excellent choice for small enterprises and internet entrepreneurs.

You’ll be able to set up sales taxes and change automatic shipping throughout the onboarding process. These capabilities, on the other hand, are worthless for small-business owners who sell fewer than ten T-shirts each month.

Amazon, PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree are just a few of the online payment processors that BigCommerce interacts with. You may also include the option of accepting transactions through bank transfer, money order, or check.

It’s as easy as ABC to add new goods to your website. You’ll also be able to sell them on other platforms like Facebook, eBay, and Amazon. In the “Channel Manager” area, you may connect the chosen choice. The good news is that this platform automatically refreshes product information across all of your channels.

BigCommerce gives you the option of selecting one of 12 free themes. At the same time, you may browse the marketplace for additional possibilities. These themes are priced starting at $150. Despite the fact that they all have fantastic design and personalization options, their costs are still excessively exorbitant.

Also check out software outsourcing services for e-commerce and compare what will be more profitable for you.

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