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How to Use Social Media to Get a Job

Have you been spending a lot of time looking for a job recently? 

You may feel like it’s a full-time job finding work that’ll help you achieve your career goals! You may have tried applying on job sites and reaching out to other professionals.

Those are all excellent ways to look for a job. 

But have you thought about tapping into social media to find work? 

Below are seven ways you can use social media to find a job that’s fulfilling! 

1. Look Yourself Up on Google 

Before applying for work, it’d be wise to look yourself up on Google to see what pops up. 

You may find there are social accounts that need updating. For example, check for any misspelled words. Also, see whether there are pictures you don’t want on display. You should also make sure whatever is public isn’t offensive or shows you in a negative light. 

Don’t forget to clean up social media sites that you longer use, too. For example, you may have some tweets you no longer want on Twitter. Or, you may have some folders on Pinterest you don’t want on there.

If you prefer to make a profile private, you have that option as well. But, sites like LinkedIn and Facebook should have some things public. 

Allowing a potential employer to learn more about you is essential. Showing off your dazzling personality (more on this later) can make a difference.

2. Use a Professional Photo

Make it a priority to streamline your social sites with a single profile photo. By using the same professional image, you can show yourself in the best light possible.

Consider hiring a photographer to get a few professional shots of you. Or, if you have a friend who’s handy with a camera, you can have them take a few photos. 

Having the same photo across your social sites will make you more recognizable. It’ll also show that you’re ready to conquer the world!

3. Include Your Social Networks on Your Materials 

As you prepare your resume and cover letter, don’t forget about your social media profiles. It’s okay to include a link to profiles that highlight your professional strengths. 

It’s crucial to include a few links if your focus is on marketing or social media. After all, companies will want to see how active you are online! 

Likewise, for other industries, it’s still a good idea to include a few links. Then, when an employer gets to know you better, they’ll be able to tell whether you’d be a good candidate for the job. 

Don’t forget about business cards too. If you have a business card, you could include your Instagram and Twitter handle in the bottom corner.

4. Research Companies

With the social media world at your fingertips, use it to research companies you want to work for. 

Check out their Facebook and Instagram accounts to stay apprised of their updates. Assuming the company is active on social media, this is an excellent way to stay abreast of its activities. 

Besides staying current, you can study their work culture. And if it’s an ecommerce type business, use social media to find out more about their products. 

With social media, it’s easy to research what a company is all about. Then, when it’s time for an interview, you can arrive knowing a lot about them! 

5. Use Social Management Tools

Social management tools can benefit you as well. You don’t have an excuse not to stay current with your social media profiles. 

For example, with a tool like Buffer, you can schedule tweets and posts that’ll show what you’ve been up to. 

You can also use a social management tool for a lot more than staying active on social media. For example, if you have Hootsuite, you can follow hashtags like #tweetmyjobs to keep on top of the job market. 

Management tools are also ideal for keeping track of certain companies that are on your radar. Follow hashtags that relate to certain dream companies you’d love to work for so you’ll always be current. 

With all your research and engagement skills, you’ll have better chances of finding a job you love! 

6. Reconnect With Old Acquaintances 

If you have old professional acquaintances you haven’t been in touch with for a while, reach out to them. You can get in touch with them by reconnecting on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Once you’ve started up a conversation, you can discover if they know of any available work. It could be they work at a company you’re interested in. If they know of any openings, they may be able to recommend you for an interview. 

Don’t only reconnect to get or find a job, though. Getting reacquainted should be genuine so you can both help one another in the job world. 

7. Show Off Your Personality

I’ve mentioned this earlier in the article. But when it comes to social media, you can also leverage it to show off your personality

When employers look at your social media profiles, they want to learn more about you. So use social media to help them “see” you more and discover why you’d be a great person to work with. 

They may recognize you’re a go-getter based on the fact that you do Triathlons. Or, it could be you’ve written a novel that they had no idea about. 

With the proper posts, a potential employer can find out more about the incredible person you are! 


We’re all fortunate to have social media. In the past, a person solely relied on their resume and cover letter to do the talking for them.

Now, with social media, you can do the talking through your resume and your social profiles! 

Make sure you use social media to your advantage. It can propel you to find a job that’s perfect for you!


Author bio

Caitlin Sinclair is the Property Manager at 7th West at Midtown with five years of property management experience and many more in Customer Service. She shares her passion for her community and looks forward to making 7th West at Midtown the place to call home.

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