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Five Tips to sell more PEMF devices using social media

PEMF devices have been used by a large number of people to get rid of many problems such as depression, anxiety, chronic pain, etc. So, we can say that PEMF devices are helpful to people and are required for different problems. Following are tips to sell more PEMF devices on social media:

1   Face book

Facebook has become a popular social site where daily thousands of people sell their products and grow their business. Facebook has gained in popularity as a place where thousands of people sell their products and expand their businesses regularly. As online buyers become more familiar with social commerce, it will be advantageous for shops to learn how to sell on Facebook in addition to having an online store. PEMF devices can be sold on Facebook via Facebook Shops and Facebook Marketplace.

  • Facebook Shops allows users to access online stores via Facebook and Instagram. You can now sell things using WhatsApp, Messenger, and Instagram’s chat features, as well as tag products during Facebook and Instagram, live streams, which will direct customers to a product purchase page.
  • Marketplace on Facebook is a ‘ Facebook page where individuals can find, buy, and sell products. This feature is available to both individuals and businesses. You can use Marketplace to sell devices if you have a Facebook business page and a Facebook Shop with checkout.

The significance of PEMF devices can be raised through different posts. There are many groups on Facebook that are related to health so those groups can be used to sell PEMF devices.

  • Run Ads, Promos & Campaigns

To engage your audience and attract new viewers to your page and Facebook Shop, you can offer deals and hold contests.

2  Instagram

Instagram is another social media platform where people promote their businesses; they just create a professional account and begin marketing. Instagram has a global user base of over one billion people. On Instagram, 90% of them follow at least one business. This alone makes it worthwhile to set up an Instagram account for your brand. In June, Instagram reached one billion monthly users, almost a quarter of the world’s population. It’s an extremely popular platform with no indications of slowing down in terms of growth. In the second quarter of this year, ad spending increased by 177% year over year. Impressions increased by 209%, but CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) decreased by 10%. Advertisers are spending more money on photo-sharing app than ever before, and they’re getting better at it. The stakes are high. Similarly, you can run Instagram adverts to reach more people of a specific age group who require PEMF devices.

3  Youtube

Youtube is not only a video streaming or video browsing site but now it has also become a marketing website. For online product sellers, YouTube offers a fantastic opportunity. YouTube is the world’s third most popular search engine, with 1 billion hours watched every day! YouTube is a popular video-sharing platform. YouTube’s popularity is skyrocketing, and anyone who has a presence there can get significant benefits.

We can sell more PEMF devices like PEMF mat. Firstly, we can advertise using google advertising on video that will help us approach more people. Secondly, we can collaborate with a Youtuber with enough community i.e. subscribers more than 100k. We can pay him to advertise PEMF devices in his video. This is how people watching the video will also see the advertisement. It should be before contacting Youtuber whose channel is motivational or health-related.

4  Telegram

People are using telegrams for communication purposes as well as for selling their products. You can join any chat group and there you can share PEMF devices. People who will be interested will contact you and you can provide details. In this way, you can grow your business.

5  Twitter

Twitter, a site where people get news every second. Even though all brands and businesses desire to sell things on Twitter, only a small percentage of them succeed.

According to Simply Measured (formerly Sprout Social), more than 9 out of 10 businesses (92%) publish on Twitter at least once a day, with 42 percent publishing up to 5 times a day. This social network isn’t an afterthought for the most successful e-commerce firms. Using this platform, they achieve excellent commercial results. By using good strategies on Twitter, you can boost up your sales of PEMF devices.

There are many other social media channels that we can use to boost up our sales i.e. LinkedIn,  TikTok, etc.

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