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Michael Blakey Net Worth, How Much Is Michael Blakey Worth

Michael Blakey is a well-known name in the field of music. He is a talented personality holding different talents in being a composer, musician, songwriter, record producer, and arranger. He has more than 50 million dollars. As per his experience, he has worked with many known artists including Willie Nelson and Eminem. 

You may be knowing this record producer owing to his fame in the music world but how much do you know about his childhood, personal life, career, earnings, etc. If not, then today I am going to cover all these aspects related to Michael in this article. So read it till the end. 

Personal Details 

Full Name: Michael Blakey
Stage Name: Michael Blakey
Gender: Male
Birthday: 8th December, 1958
Place Of Origin: London, England
Age: 62 years old
Height: 1.91m
Weight: 89.8 kg– 109.7 kg
Nationality: United Kingdom
Sexual orientation:  Straight
Status: Married
Spouse: Sasha
Profession: Promoter, Film Score Composer, Film Producer, Musician, Record producer, Songwriter, Music Arranger, Talent manager, Composer, Television producer
Total Net Worth: $70 Million

How Much Is Michael Blakey Worth

Early Life

Born in London, on 8th December 1958, Michael Blakey is a famous record producer, music arranger, film producer, TV producer, musician, promoter, songwriter, and film score producer. So he fits the best example of jack of all trades according to his in-depth knowledge of multiple streams. Michael has gained prominence for producing several musical tracks. 

He has gained working as a musician with many talented artists like Eminem, Willie Nelson, Akwid, 2Pac, and Michael Wright. Michael had been the certified drummer and composer for Tidal Force, a rock band from the 90s decade. He rose to fame while working as a producer and gaining numerous gold and platinum records. 


Going by the date of birth, Michael Blakey’s age is 62 years. He stands tall at six feet three inches, weighing between 89.8kg and 109 kg. He has a fair complexion with brownish hair color and green eyes.

Personal Life

Michael has been married to Sasha since 2008. There is not much information about the parents of this record producer and other details. Maybe he does not like divulging his personal life outside. There is always a rumor about some personality regarding what’s happening in his personal life. 

One such question is about the marital status of Michael Blakey. Well, it has been mentioned that the latter record producer is married to Sasha. There are no updates about his dating any woman. Neither there is any ample information about his past relationship or affairs. Even though he is married to Sasha, he has no kids. 


Michael started his professional life as a producer when he was too young at 19. A popular Berlin-based record-producing company, Hansa Studios hired him for the post of resident producer. He gained experience in learning music from Berlin and Madrid. At the time when Michael reached the U.S, he was acquainted with ample knowledge of music and was an experienced drummer. He also mastered the art of music production and promotion. And since then, music became the passion and business for Michael Blakey. 

Adding on to musical tracks production for talented artists, Michael gained experience as a session drummer, composer, and producer in Britain and the United States. Besides this, he also worked for a 90s rock band Tidal Force at a recording studio. He was even invited to work full time, serving as chief of Artists and Repertoire, also represented as A&R is a record label and music publishing firm for 3 years (1991 – 1994).

Michael Blakey also became the owner of record companies (3) and also made provision of music for several TV shows and films like Shaft. Currently, he is the manager of his company called Electra Star Management. He established a positive working style that led him to earn immense net worth. 


Owing to his successful feats in the music world, Michael’s name has been listed in several nominations. He has been a participant in many award-winning events. He is the winner of the Melody Maker Producer of the Year award in the 90s. Michael has proved his prowess in making records in multiple and varied entertainment industries. He made a commendable impact on music lovers. This made him gain so much popularity and money in his entire career. 

Social Media Fame

Michael Blakey is also popular on social media platforms with 500K followers on Instagram. On YouTube, he gained a maximum subscription of 900K. He had a great collection of cars and watches which are worth millions. Michael even portrays himself as a personality leading a luxurious lifestyle. 

House Property

Having immense wealth, Michael Blakey made a hefty payment in million for a house in Beverly Hills long ago in the year 2006. The record producer even listed it for sale in the following year for a more than $2 million price. Michael also increased the price due to some reason, at $5.5 million. But he was unable to find a buyer and lowered the price to $2.9 million. So he is still the owner of his house property. His house is acquainted with well-furnished and has a sound system with a room filled with art media. 

Net Worth of Michael Blakey

$70 million is supposed to be the estimated net worth of record producer Michael Blakey in July 2021. He has earned his fortune with his tremendous hard work and dedication to the music world. His other source of income comes from his record production company Electra Star Management. Michael has also earned recognition for producing music in films and television shows. 

Ending Note

By reading all about Michael Blakey, you must have known by now that he is a man with multiple skills. Other than being a record producer, he holds other skills as a songwriter, film producer, film score composer, talent manager, film producer, TV producer, music arranger, and musician. Being acquainted with all these qualities, Michael Blakey has earned his fortune in the music industry that led to a rise in his net worth. 

He has a tremendous fan following on top social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube, each having 500K followers and 900K subscribers. Now that makes him an online searched celebrity. Becoming popular on social media is an add-on advantage of gaining popularity among the people, and becoming an icon for them. 

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