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Valentina Fornaro Galliano. What is her father’s occupation?

Who is Valentina’s father? What does he do for a living?

Children help the family to stay together. But when differences occur, it is best to call them off than torment each. This is also the case with Valentine.

This article will help us to learn more about Valentine.

Personal information of Valentina Fornaro Galliano

Name: Valentine Fornaro Galliano

Age: approximately 20-21 years old

Date of birth:  2001

Occupation: star kid

Parents: Cecilia Galliano

Brother: Santiago Rulli Galliano

Step-fathers: Sebastian Rulli

Step-aunt: Candela Rulli

Step-grandparent: Oscar Rulli

About Valentina Fornaro Galliano

A lot of information about Valentina has been kept out from the public. We know that she is the eldest daughter and child of her mother, Cecilia Galliano.

She was born in 2001, but the date and month remain a mystery because no one has any information.

Who is Valentina Fornaro Galliano’s father?

Information about her background is unknown but about her father, a well-known actor and an athlete.

His name goes Silvio Fornaro, all we know is that he is an actor who starred in the following films; Camila in 1998, Rencor Apasionado in 1998 and Tres Mujeres in 1999.

Who is Valentina Fornaro Galliano’s mother?

Did you know Valentina’s mother, Cecilia Galliano is a famous actress who began her acting and modeling journey at 16 years old.

Cecilia was born in Marcos, Juarez, Argentina, on 5th May 1981. Due to her passion for the entertainment industry, she relocated to Mexico City, where she has lived for more than 20 years

Did you know that even though Cecilia has a promising career in marriage, she has failed and is currently single even after all the efforts?

Cecilia is among the top 50 beautiful and hot Argentine models. Being beautiful and using it to bring the best resources is a blessing.

Who is Valentine Fornaro Galliano dating now?

Since Valentine is of the age of having a partner, it is curious who the lucky man is. No one has caught her eyes as a great partner, and once we learn about him, we will keep you updated.

Who is Valentine Fornaro Galliano’s brother?

Santiago Rulli Galliano is the son of Cecilia and her ex-husband, Sebastian Rulli. He was born on January 15, 2010, in Mexico.

His parents got married in 2007. After three years of marriage, the parents separated because Sebastian was accused of being violent to his wife and children. The divorce was processed in 2011, and each moved their separate way.

He is the only brother to Valentina and has a lot of public advantage since he acts like his parents, unlike her sister.

Net worth of Valentina Fornaro Galliano

Since Valentina has chosen to keep her information away from the public, her net worth is unknown. Still, the mother’s family net worth is approximately $10 million, while her brother’s is roughly $1.5-5 million dollars.


Even though Valentina is not a public figure, her relationship with Cecilia is excellent, forming a duo of a mother-daughter relationship.

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