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Nicole Simone Henton. Is she the only child of her parents?

Nicole is the only child of John Henton and Michele Delaney. After all those years, she remains the only child. Her birth came out during John Henton’s darkest moment, and she brought light and hope to his life.

A lot of information about Nicole has been kept away from the public, and this article will help learn more about her.

Personal information of Nicole Simone Henton

Name: Nicole Simone Henton

Age: 18 years old

Date of birth: 8th March 2004

Place of birth: Los Angeles in the United States of America

Occupation: an actress

Parents: John Henton, Michele Delaney

When was Nicole Simone Henton born?

Experiencing nightmares in life and the news of having a baby brings hope and light.

On 8th March 2004, Nicole was born in Los Angeles, the United States of America. She is the eldest and only child of her parent, John Henton and Michele Delaney.

Social media profile of Nicole Simone Henton

Nicole is currently on Instagram, where she goes by Nicole Henton; she has 1292 followers, 970 followers, and 128 posts.

She has not accessed any other social media profile currently, and once she joins; an update will be made on the same.

Education background of Nicole Simone Henton

It’s the right of every child to access education when they come of age. Education is a necessity, and we believe that Nicole has attended the best schools, which will help build her career path and passion.

Information about the schools is unknown, but we will learn about it once updated.

Who is Nicole Simone Henton’s father?

John Henton, a famous comedian and an actor is Nicole’s father. His role as Overton Wakefield Jones in FOX sitcom Living Single and as Milsap Morris on the ABC/UPN sitcom The Hughley’s has brought him a lot of fame, hence propelling him to greater heights in the entertainment industry.

On November 23, 1960, John was born in East Cleveland, Ohio, United States of America. His birthday is celebrated every year, and his birth sign is Sagittarius,

John spent most of his time in the homeland until advancing his career made him relocate to Los Angeles.

What tragedy did Nicole Simone Henton’s father face?

In the early 2000’s John received a cancellation of the tour he had planned, followed by the show The Hughley’s being panned by critics and fans.

In September 2000, he came from a party and chose to drive in this state. John suffered from a road accident back home, resulting in the breaking of both legs, eye socket damage, and 11 teeth.

The accidents caused him to undergo plastic surgery to repair his face, which was damaged.

Who is Nicole Simone Henton’s mother?

Michele Delaney, who is an actress, is Nicole’s mother. All we knew was that she met John during the shooting and later had a child.


Nicole has chosen to stay away from the public. Let us give the young teenager some space to enjoy time with the father.

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