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Top Hidden Android Object Games To Play In Your Leisure Time

Gaming is the best pastime activity for many. There are numerous games one can play on Android. Although I hardly get time for gaming, I won’t miss any opportunity in picking the puzzle games where the player gets the reward for being patient, knowing things, and potential to notice. If you have an android-featured phone, then you can experience playing wonderful hidden object games that ask you to spot the things from the mysterious place. Now let me list down the top hidden object games for Android below:

Hidden City

Hidden City is a wonderful game to play in your free time. While playing this game you will explore multiple places in search of the objects that are hidden as well as other collectibles and riches. The base of the game revolves around your friend who gets landed in a strange city clubbed with fog and weird creatures. 

When he enters this city, he gets lost in a mysterious situation. The real game starts with you searching for your lost friend. And for that, you too have to enter this mysterious city and there you will begin with your search for objects and puzzles. You will be guided by your other new allies. 

Criminal Case

This Android game is much akin to your CSI gaming. The name of this game is enough to hint you about the plot. In this game, you have to become like a detective and search for the evidence, clue analysis, and take the statement of those who are under suspicion and eyewitnesses. While playing this wonderful crime puzzle game, you will have to go through numerous scenes at crime spots. And mind you it is not an easy game to play with, you will have to face challenges that will keep you glued to it. 

Best Free Hidden Object Games for Android & iPad

The Secret Society is another hidden object game for all Android users. It will keep you entertained till the end. Mind you like Criminal Case, it is also an addictive game to play in your pastime. This hidden object game consists of a group of people acquainted with superpowers. 

These powers allow them to travel across illusionary space and the real world. Like Criminal Case, where you have to search for your missing friend, here you have to search for your uncle who is missing. The Secret Society game is featured with more than 60 locations to traverse. Besides this, it also contains small games, numerous quests, puzzles, and so on. The people who are behind the curation of Hidden City are also the same for The Secret Society.

Home Designer

Home Designer comes as another best example in the category of Android hidden object gaming. According to the game plot, you are supposed to replace the old things with the newbies for your aunt. You will feel very excited when you begin having the things for your home, and to make it appealing. 

Other than this, the Home Designer game is featured with a variety of hidden object searching games including Silhouette, Anagram, Picture, Mystery Word, Word, Flash Sale mode, and others that you can find while playing it. All these mentioned features make this game more exciting and engaging. 

Murder In The Alps

Murder In The Alps is another interesting RPG investigative game. If you think it must be similar to other crime games, then no it is not. This crime investigation adheres to the storyline more than the gaming. The plot of this game revolves around the titled hotel name. Here the task is to search for more hidden objects that can be seen in good places. The reason that makes the Murder In The Alps game different from other games is it allows you to make the best of your imagination skills and follow with the investigation. There will be twists that can be expected in this crime game, and they are persistent. 

Hidden Folks

Among the interesting and detailed hidden object games, comes Hidden Folks. It is a lovely game to play due to its amazing hand-drawn visuals of landscapes and towns. It consists of more than twenty-five areas and around two hundred and fifty hidden objects to search. Now glaring at the screen is indeed a big risk to your eyesight. But not to worry at all, the developers of this game have made a special provision with 3 color modes – sepia, night, and normal. You can adjust according to your needs. 

Alice In The Mirrors Of Albion

You must have read the story of Alice In Wonderland or its cartoon in your childhood. Well, there is a game that is inspired by this wonderful animated show. It is Alice In The Mirrors Of Albion. Akin to the story plot of Alice In Wonderland, this game also lets you traverse across strange and illusionary places that are amazing and filled with riddles and threats. While playing this game you have to search for the clues and get the solution to complicated puzzles. By this, it will be easier to defeat the queen of hearts and make the place free from evil sight. 


Enigmatis is also one of the interesting hidden object games to play. If you are fond of horror flicks, then I am sure you will love this game, which revolves around a mini ghost haunted town. According to the gameplay rules, you need to become a savior of yourself and a girl from the haunted town while exploring the concealed objects and puzzle-solving. When you play this ghost haunted game, you are supposed to put up your memories each in getting the best image you are engaged with. 

Enchanted Castle

The next is Enchanted Castle. It comes up with a good picturization surrounding a castle. This Android hidden object game has an interesting storyline that asks you to search for the objects. In addition, you can also choose a complete makeover of home with the available objects of more than 1000. It will help you in playing the game better.

Which Is The Best Among These Android Hidden Object Games?

Well, it will be hard to pick out the particular hidden object games from this given list. All the games are better in their features and visuals. So it all depends upon your choice, regarding which of these hidden object games drag most of your interest. However, Criminal Case is the best Android crime investigative gameplay to enjoy with your friends or yourself.


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