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Chat With Strangers With These Top Anonymous Chat Apps

Looking at the contemporary scenario, the medium of communication and sending messages has become much easier with popular social media platforms like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, and others. These two mediums are not confined to only texting casual chat messages to a friend. These have become an important platform for sharing important messages on the professional front. 

But regular use of the same medium may seem boring. Then why not spice things up by switching on to some new social media platforms and enjoy chatting with strangers. Being familiar with the new digital trend has its own advantages. One such is making the best use of your smartphone in getting in touch with random strangers. 

Chat Apps for Talking to Strangers

But hold on, even though these anonymous sites might have the provision to save your chats, even though they mean otherwise. So guys are very careful while texting any message to a stranger. Don’t mention anything that can make you repent later. Now let us check out some of the best anonymous chat apps mentioned below. These chat apps apply to both Android and iOS users. 

Meet Me

Initially, Meeting Me was created with the purpose of a site for dating. But later on, it turned out to be the biggest anonymous chat app site with a 100 million user base. Other than meeting new interesting strangers, the Meet Me chat site is also featured with counting profile views and traffic of admirers plus the gifts you’ve got. 

What is more interesting about Meet Me is it also provides casino gaming that you can enjoy playing with new friends. A person who is using the Meet Me anonymous chat app will certainly like it. So who would miss this opportunity in having double dose entertainment of chatting with strangers as well as enjoying casino games?


This anonymous chat app ranks among the best anonymous chats with a major user base. Now as we all know there are different preferences related to chatting. Some do it for adult fun and some for genuine reasons. 

If you want to indulge in a meaningful chat instead of adult/sex chat, then Whisper is an ideal anonymous chatting app for you. Users have revealed about having a positive effect on their behavior and mind via meaningful communication with strangers. 

At Whisper, there is no need to show your actual identification. A person can share his deep thoughts with strangers with a secret identity. In this anonymous chatting app, you can search for people according to the chosen topics and the related place also. This makes it easy for you to indulge in communication after knowing the interest of the other party. 


Recently, the social media giant Facebook took over the authority of WhatsApp with a change in its policy. This led to most users switching on to another alternative anonymous chatting app, Telegram. The word itself is a synonym for privacy. At Telegram, a person can browse for group names if he/she is not familiar with them. There is a search bar similar to the Google search bar. When you type the search result will appear in real-time.

There is no need to stay confined with the choice of WhatsApp when you have Telegram as the best anonymous chatting app to talk with strangers or even known people. There are around a million users who prefer Telegram over WhatsApp. Its traffic is growing at a faster rate. While using Telegram, you will be able to find several groups having public links that are freely shared on social media platforms, forums, and even websites. 

People with a mature and like-minded approach can experience sharing their opinions on Telegram. There is one important fact about this anonymous chatting app, which is the provision of moderators represented by each group. With the help of bots, these moderators filter out the nudity and blasphemous content as per the rules. 


Gone are those days when the letter took days to reach in time to a faraway person. But now in the digital world letter sending has been replaced by email and chatting apps like Slowly. The concept follows a simple procedure in making a person connected to worldwide users. You are both sender and receiver in exchanging the message to another person living at a long distance. Slowly anonymous chatting app comes featured with 2 options regarding anonymous connectivity between users. 

The first one is auto-match having no brainer. Whereas, the other one is a manual way where filters regarding topics, age, sex, and others can be applied. Even though, Slowly app is free to use, it also comes with a paid pro version at $3.5/ monthly. If you apply for this then it enhances the search filters, friend limit, media sharing, and so on for you. So it is up to you whether you prefer the free or paid version of Slowly. 


Now, this comes with a facility of a popular video-sharing platform YouTube and most-watched network Netflix. The one condition to refer to Rave is its feature of public chat rooms. And let me tell you that even though I have added it to the list of top anonymous chat apps, still, I would like to inform you that it is not completely anonymous. While downloading Rave, you are supposed to begin with the free account set and logging on to your account on Netflix.

In the next step, you will see various public chat rooms featuring people glued to the latter American content platform and videos on YouTube. All you have to do is simply become a new joinee in a room and begin texting along with watching. You can also switch to another option in creating a chat room of your own. Here you can watch the movie of your choice and let other people join you.


Frim also joins the best anonymous chat app options among the above-mentioned ones. Well, it is mostly for iOS users. Here you can start texting anonymous people and indulge in sharing your secrets and asking questions to them. However, Frim is stricter in not allowing its users to reveal any of their personal data. So with this, we can understand that this chatting app is concerned with the privacy of every individual user. And like other chatting sites, you won’t find any bots in their system. 

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