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Best Free Music Apps That Run Without Data & WiFi Connection

Music is the best natural therapy that keeps mental stress, depression, and other problems at bay. You can change your mood by listening to soothing music or any of your favorite genres. But while traveling in an underground metro or any local area, the connectivity of the internet gets disturbed in terms of speed.

There are some particular areas, where you can access your favorite music with fast internet speed like Gym or other places with good connectivity signals. If you are a music lover, then you must be familiar with some music players that are very popular like Pandora and Spotify. Indeed, these are much-preferred music streaming services, but their biggest disadvantage is being non-supportive to free offline playback availability. 

This indeed makes you agitated, at times when there is no option left other than listening to favorite music. Well, there is something that will make you jump with joy. Luckily, there are some better options available in which you don’t need to depend upon WiFi connectivity and mobile data. So allow me to list down those free music apps that can let you enjoy your music offline. 

Best Free Music Apps That Don’t Need WiFi or Data


Even though it cannot be completely categorized into music streaming apps, still, it can become the ideal choice for mobile users with the Android operating system. It will suit as the best choice for those who have collections on their hard disk or phone. If you prefer to access your collections without depending upon the WiFi network, then Pulsar is the best music application to groove on to your best songs collections. 

Pulsar is acquainted with all essential characteristics including album art, downloading tags, multiple skins, Assistant support, and many more. Just download it and discover yourself. So no need to get down with mood, as you can experience better with Pulsar on the go. Just one major disadvantage of this music streaming app is it is not available for iOS users.

Trebel Music

Coming on to the next music streaming option is Trebel Music. The good news, it is available for both iOS and Android users. If there is any music that you like to download offline at no price, then Trebel Music can fulfill your need. Another factor that makes it more appealing is no audio advertisements.

Now let us come on to the features that make it fantastic music streaming app. Trebel comprises a big music library ranging from Reggaeton, Hip Hop, R&B to Pop. So whichever genre you are fond of listening to, you have it here. Although there are no audio ads, it does show album ads and banner ads. Trebel streams perfectly well at the VPN app in the United Kingdom and India also. If you live in the United States, then you can access this music streaming app in limited regions. This is its downside. 


Evermusic also comes as another best option among the free music streaming services. If Poweramp is ideal for Android users, Evermusic is for iOS users. You can experience multiple advantages in getting linked with Dropbox and other cloud storage sites with just one tap button. When connected, it becomes easier for you to download any song that you want to listen to offline. 

And the best thing is you don’t have to depend upon the WiFi connection or putting your mobile data on. Evermusic is acquainted with robust equalizers, the possibility of tag editing, installing album art, and lots more. This music streaming free app is a better substitute for your default Apple music player. And it is all because Evermusic is supportive of various cloud storage sites.


Coming on to the next is Bandcamp. It can prove to be one of your desired music destinations featured with an enormous music library of famous music creators. It can fill the gap left between other music streaming services that work only with WiFi connections. You will be happy to know that there is no mandatory need of signing up. Yes, it is true. 

Bandcamp can be streamed freely. There are many playlists available that can be downloaded at no cost. You can hear your music for free in the Bandcamp and other music app alternatives. Additionally, this free music streaming service allows you to install audio formats like WAV and FLAC and explore a better audio experience. 


Pandora differs from its competitor’s free music streaming apps as there is no direct provision to hear songs and on its radio stations freely in offline mode. Now you will then why I have added it to this list then? Well, hold on, there is a tricky way. All it requires is the creation of a cache. But that is only possible if you listen to the songs sometimes. It will automatically be saved to your mobile device. 

And then you have a chance to build up a radio station for these song collections. When it is done, you can reach the next step. Which includes enabling the offline mode choice, and can prefer these radio stations to listen in your free time. It is possible without any data consumption. But you have to be patient, as it might take time to sync complete songs and stations.

To summarise, Pandora comes with the advantage of extensive collections, podcasts, and offline access to at least four radio stations. Moreover, it is available for both Android users and iOS. The only disadvantage is a tricky workaround.

Final Words

So now you have the reason to cheer while listening to your songs offline with no dependency on the WiFi network and putting on your mobile data. The ones listed for free music streaming apps are available for both Android and iOS users. One of them might support the specific operating system. 

Overall, these free music apps come as the best solution for all the music lovers who now can play their favorite music while traveling on the metro or the go. All you have to do is install these apps and stick to the instructions to listen to the songs offline. 

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