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Mitez Vick, Michael Vick’s Kid

Mitez Vick is a celebrity kid, who is popularly known for being the son of American football quarterback Michael Vick. The footballer’s son always keeps himself away from the limelight of the media. However, we have dug deeper and found out some never-told information about Mitez Vick.

If you are interested to know information about Mitez Vick such as his personal life, career, family life, love life, and other details, read the article further.

Personal life

Mitez Vick is an American, son of Michael Vick and Tameka Tayker. The exact birthdate and birthplace of Mitez Vick are not known to the public. However, we assume him to be either in his late teens or early 20s right now, as he is all grown up. If we talk about the personal life of the young boy, there is not even a single piece of information available on this. The dashing boy might be involved in any romantic relationships. However, he has kept this to himself only.

Parents and siblings

Mitez Vick is the lovely son of  Michael Vick and Tameka Tayker. Unfortunately, Mitez Vick couldn’t enjoy the love of his both parents together. When Mitez was a little child, his parents separated. His mother was a school time sweetheart of his father, but things didn’t go smoothly between them and the couple decided to part ways. Then, his father married Kijafa Frink and has 3 kids with her. So, Mitez Vick doesn’t have siblings but has 3 step brothers/sisters. Coming to the professions of his parents, his father is a footballer by profession, while the profession of his mother is not known.


Right now, Mitez Vick is a teenager. Given the fact, Mitez is neither married nor has any kids.

Education and profession

With the fact that the parents of Mitez Vick keep their personal life extremely private, there is no information available about the education of Mitez Vick. However, one thing is sure that he must have attended some good school and gained a good education as well, and he belongs to a rich family. The same goes for the profession of Mitez Vick.

Reason for the popularity of Mitez Vick

This roaring stardom of his father is the main reason for his popularity. He shares a good bonding with his father and is often spotted with him as well. Despite the divorce of his parents, he shares a very amiable relationship with both of his parents.

Net worth of Mitez Vick

With the fact that the profession of Mitez Vick is not known, his net worth is not known either. Considering his age, we assume that he might not have even started his professional career yet, so there is no chance of his having any net worth. If you talk about his father’s net worth he holds a whopping net worth of around 20 million.


Mitez Vick is a young boy, who is busy shaping his career. This is the reason he is not much active on social media and even in the media. It would be interesting to see how successful he becomes in his career.

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