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Top 5 Health Warning Signs If You Sleep More than 10 Hours a Day

Sleep is everyone’s need, you cannot stay awake and healthy without sleep. If you find that you need more than 10hours of sleep to feel rested, it could be a sign that you have a health problem. Especially you can fall asleep anywhere or any place. Usually, people ignore this because they think it’s because they have to work long hours, so the body is stressed and thinks it’s normal. However, it is possible that the state of sleeping a lot, feeling tired even after sleeping more than 10 hours a day can warn of some worrying health conditions.

You may have too much sleep (hypersomnia).

In contrast to insomnia, hypersomnia is a sleep disorder that causes the sufferer to sleep more during the day and night. Another name for this syndrome is excessive daytime sleepiness. Even while driving or working, you can fall asleep instantly.

This condition will make the patient easily feel tired, exhausted, and not alert enough to do anything. If you are driving, you can endanger your life and those around you.

If you only have mild insomnia, you can use functional foods to help calm and prevent sleep disorders. You can find them through sales websites, remember to add discount codes, attractive coupons to save costs. If you sleep too much in a day or are always sleepy, it is best to see a doctor for advice and effective treatment.

You may be depressed

You may not know that depression is a disease that affects the nervous system, leading to more sleep than usual. Therefore, you should not ignore signs of sleeping too much, especially if you have a history of depression. It is necessary to monitor and pay attention to your sleep because sometimes it is warning about the disease you are suffering from and timely examination and treatment.

You may have heart problems

According to a recent statement from the American Heart Association, irregular sleep patterns are associated with a range of cardiovascular risks. People who regularly sleep 9 or more hours a night have more calcium build-up in the heart artery walls and the arteries in the legs will be stiffer than those who usually sleep 7 hours a night.

Therefore, sleeping too much can also be a warning sign that you are suffering from heart disease, especially when you are not overworked but feel sleepy all the time. Many people with heart disease do not know they have it because the signs of too much sleep are often confused with the usual symptoms of the body.

Top 5 Health Warning Signs If You Sleep More than 10 Hours a Day
Top 5 Health Warning Signs If You Sleep More than 10 Hours a Day

You may have thyroid disease

There are 2 types of thyroid problems that will affect sleep and one of them can cause insomnia or a feeling of sleepiness and fatigue.

People with hypothyroidism often sleep more than 10 hours a day and are easily tired during the day. If you have no other health problems but still sleep more than 10 hours a day, you need to have your thyroid checked urgently to avoid regrets.

You may have Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).

Sleep apnea is a critical sleep problem that takes place while a person’s respiration is interrupted at some point in sleep. People with untreated sleep apnea will forestall respiration time and again at some point of sleep, occasionally loads of instances a night. This reasons the body, specifically the brain, to now no longer get sufficient oxygen.

In particular, sleep apnea is a disorder in which breathing repeatedly, stops, and then starts again during sleep. Then, make the patient sleep more to make up for the amount of sleep “interrupted” due to this syndrome. If the disease is not detected and treated early enough, it will cause some damage to the brain stem. And if you notice these symptoms, you should go to the respiratory specialist immediately for treatment as soon as possible.

Seasonal affective disorder

Besides the 5 warning signs above, you may also suffer from Seasonal affective disorder. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that involves seasonal changes. Symptoms often begin in the fall and continue into the winter months, draining energy, feeling moody and tired all the time, leading to frequent sleepiness. This symptom repeats many times, making you moody and depressed about everything.

More sleep does not mean good for health. Ensuring the best sleep is what everyone is aiming for, in addition to sleeping for 8 hours a day, you should invest in a comfortable sleeping space. You should buy yourself soft wedges, soft pillows to have the best sleep. Products such as bed sheets, mattresses, pillows are widely sold on sales websites, remember to use more discount codes, coupons to buy more economical.


A good and enough sleep every day is essential. However, too much sleep can cause unpredictable harm to human health. Above are 5 warning signs of health if you sleep more than 10 hours a day. Listen to your body more for good health!

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