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Honey: A Complete Package For Your Physical Health

Squirted into tea along with a lemon, a spoonful of yogurt or take it directly as a tongue sweetener, honey delights our world in many different ways. A healthy and perhaps one of the best substitutes for sugar, honey also contributes to overall wellness and strength with many different health benefits. Let’s have a look at how honey can be a healer for your body and soul!

honey As a Natural Immunity Booster
Honey As a Natural Immunity Booster

As a Natural Immunity Booster

It has been clinically and scientifically proven that including honey in our daily diet makes us healthier in a lot of ways. One of the most notable facts is honey being a natural immunity booster that protects as well as supports the entire health and vitality system in the body. This is because of probiotic bacteria that comes from both the pollen as well as the bees. Take for instance lactobacillus kunkeei; a single-celled guardian which boosts immunity as a whole to help us fight various diseases and illnesses.

Adding to that is the flower nectar in honey which our immune system receives in the form of phytochemicals that also super charges the immune system. All that said, when we pasteurise honey, it actually kills all the essential or good bacteria that a human body requires to ward off many different diseases which is why experts always prefer taking honey in raw form.

Controls Blood Sugar Level

When comparing sugar with honey, the latter raises the blood sugar level in a slow, gentle and healthy way which makes it an obvious winner. The same reason goes in favour of sweetening beverages with honey as it prevents skyrocketing of the sugar level only to crash it down almost instantly, leaving the body depleted, dehydrated and lethargic. In today’s fast-paced world, it takes patience and vigilance to avoid processed sugar but, with products like B.Powered Superfood Honey, there’s always a healthier option only for those who’re actually keen about their health.

Honey as A Fast Healer to the Wounds
Honey as A Fast Healer to the Wounds

A Fast Healer to the Wounds

Honey; especially raw honey has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which makes it quite an effective wound healer as well as an excellent first-aid topical application for minor burns. Ever since the era of Aristotle or perhaps even before him, honey has long been recognised by herbalists and folklore as a medicine in an established healthcare system. Honey has a low-level of hydrogen peroxide which sucks water from the wound thus reduces inflammation whereas at the same time smoothly flows the healing lymph.

Other than that, honey is also an effective healer to diabetic ulcers as well as to severely infected diabetic wounds in the foot. Honey-based bandages are even available at many different local pharmacies as well as deep cleanse a cut or scrape to the skin. Honey also cools down normal burns which also makes it quite an effective insulator and prevents the heat from penetrating into the skin further.

Soothes Coughs & Sore Throat

Even the strongest of immune systems can be vulnerable to many different diseases and viruses especially the recent coronavirus pandemic which ultimately tests immunity at its best. Rather than going into the worst, common cold, flu, fever and sore throat often triggers unwelcoming cough at night time causing certain discomfort and sleep disruption.

Medical research performed by the college research facility concluded that a small amount of honey at bedtime has proven effective in treating night time cough and cold in children whereas honey was also compared with over-the-counter cough suppressant including Dextromethorphan (DM) as an experiment. In terms of overall improvement and reduction in severity, honey proves to be more effective than the medicine.

Honey helps in reducing cough by creating a protective coating right above the irritated mucous membrane, throat and stomach thus acts as an overall protectant against such things. In-fact, honey when added to green tea significantly helps in cutting down bad cholesterol from the body as well as soothes down cough, asthma and flu-like symptoms.

IMPORTANT: Even with all the benefits and pros, honey shouldn’t be given to children under the age of one year as both; raw and pasteurised form contain traces of clostridium botulinum which on ingestion may germinate gastrointestinal tract which is still under developed.

Honey helps Sleep and Heart Health
Honey helps Sleep and Heart Health

Sleep Aid & Heart Health

Honey also energises the liver and helps to restock glycogen as well as from tryptophan which produces serotonin in the brain. Honey therefore also aids in healthy sleep, restores mind and body and keeps you refreshed in the morning. It contains antioxidants plus flavonoids which also reduces various cardiovascular diseases, lowers the blood pressure and cholesterol thus prevents stroke and blood clotting.

Honey for Healthy Skin

Honey-based masks when applied to the face acts as a natural facial to keep you looking at your best. It tightens the skin, removes scars and wrinkles, takes away blemishes and restores the natural glow. These honey-based products are available at a pocket-friendly cost which means you can get a homemade skin remedy for less with all the natural goodness of honey.

It’s quite clear that honey benefits overall health thus termed as a healer for the mind, body and soul. Revitalise yourself to the fullest with the best natural honey-based healthy products.

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