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The Tick Season 3: Will Amazon Prime Renew The Show?

Ben Edlund’s superhero show, well known as the tick season 3, was called off almost a year ago. So what could be the problem? Here is the fact. The Tick was a huge superhero newsletter written by cartoonist Ben Edlund back in the year 1986. The show became one of the most famous as it came out as a self-supporting comic book show in that year.

Before the adaptation of 2016, there was a first one which happened in 1994, followed by a live-action movie in 2001. In the year 2016, amazon made a step forward and decided to buy ownership of the comic series together with the tv-show the tick.

The show portrays a very impervious superstar who fights evil deeds and dresses in a blue tick suit. He doesn’t contain any remembrance of his past life before he was a superstar and how he comes to possess all the types of characters he has.

From the original comic, they narrate him as apparently legally mad and that he managed to escape from a mental institute. However, the show did not alter any of this information. The tick takes after a parody of superstars, which were worldly appreciated by fans.

The Tick
The Tick

The Tick Season 3: What’s The Status

The first season of the tick series was split into three segments. The pilot aired in August 2016, while the second half-season, which consisted of five episodes, was released the following year around August.

The last batch of the episode part of the first season followed in the year 2018.  Just after the first season’s conclusion, Amazon hit their fans with the good news that they ordered the second season of the series.

The second series was aired on April 5, 2019.

The tick fans kept their hopes high for the next season. However, their anticipations were brought to a standstill when amazon decided to cancel the show after six weeks and later failed to order for the tick season 3.

Cancellation: Why Did it Happen

As for now, Amazon kept quiet about the cause of the cancellation of the series. However, it could be related to reviews of the show. Just like any other streaming site, Amazon does not necessarily release its ratings publicly. But bearing in mind the welcome of the Tick captured, all the talks are directed towards the viewing level.

The first season of the series, termed as the rotten tomatoes, hit 90%, the next season bagged an enormous rate of 100%. All these excellent reviews of the show were contributed by its likable, humorous, realistic, and more active season.

Despite the series becoming the most successful and attracting a huge number of fans, it was not as big as amazon had anticipated.  According to Amazon, if the ratings didn’t meet the criteria of specific numbers, a series was possible to get the ax.

Is Renewal Possible in the Future

After the show’s cancellation, the news was all over, and everybody wished that the producers would be able to get another streamer. The streamer was to help them bring the show back on the screens. However, the producer, Ben Edlund, wrote on his Twitter account revealing that he tirelessly worked hard to find a better home for the show.

Unluckily he couldn’t manage to acquire any. After that, the actor’s contracts had already expired, thus bringing to an end the show.

Even after multiple promises he made to his fan regarding the comeback of the show. But for now, we all know that the show would be coming back, though maybe sometimes later, the producers will get a suitable home and revive the show.

The Plot of The Tick

The tick has superhuman powers that make him be able to cause great destructions on his environments if he fails to be keen. His masculine powers enable him to lift big cars through a single hand, and with no much effort, he can also bend steel girders.

As in the 2016 plot series, the tick prides himself to possess ten or twenty men. The tick is invulnerable such that it is impossible to injure him. However, he is subject to feelings of pain as well as hit antennae are merely sensitive. The tick can withstand the harsh space environment without any suit, and also, he can leave without oxygen.

In the 2017 amazon adaptation, he is exposed to leap and bound big heights without struggling. According to the second season, he was almost choked to death. This is a shred of clear evidence that it is possible to harm the tick physically.

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